5 Clean But Stylish Room Decor Ideas


Interior decoration can be a lot of things from bombastic to spartan, and you have plenty of options to choose from. If you are looking for something neat, tidy, but still stylish and fashionable, your choices are pretty much infinite. With that said, you could always refer to some ideas and suggestions for inspiration if you are having trouble. The concept of going with a clean but stylish room decor is simplicity itself, as well.

You will only need to remember a few things with regard to creating a neat but snazzy interior space. The first is to maintain minimalism as much as possible in every item that you will place in the room. The second is to look for furniture that has clean, trimmed edges, sides, and corners to a reasonable degree. The baubles, colors, textures, and lighting implements that you choose should also fit the themes that you are going for.

Horde Space

There is something to be said about a room, any room, that has a lot of space between furniture. This is not the same as having a bare area where that almost looks forlorn and pitiful since it’s intentional. What you want to aim for is to create huge gaps between things like beds, chairs, tables, couches, etc. It would also help if those pieces of furniture are flat, thin, smooth, and as simplistic as possible.

With that said, it’s also important that you don’t go overboard with this and throw all of your furniture out. The idea is to create more breathing room and inject a refreshing perspective into the room to soothe your soul. There is something relaxing about a clutter-free area where you spend a lot of your time, after all. A disorganized room with plenty of obstacles in the way can have a real psychological effect on the inhabitants. 

Hidden Lighting

Lighting is important in setting the atmosphere in any room, but there are numerous considerations pertaining to them. When it comes to creating a neat, stylish room, for example, you don’t want big, distracting bulbs or garish lamps. The best way to solve this issue is by making your lights hidden behind ledges, furniture, corners, and the like. You will then need to make sure that the light sources themselves will be up for the job.

You can get LED strip lights for this bit if you want, but mini neon lights would also be an excellent choice. This is primarily because they are flexible, versatile, and have colorful options that you can use for pretty much anything that you want. Their most noteworthy quality, however, is their brightness and the fact that you can stash them in narrow spaces. You can then use them for your hidden lighting project since they can fit pretty much anywhere you want.

Small But Big

Large portraits, paintings, canvases, and photos were all the rage before but this is no longer the case. In fact, there has been a reversal in recent decades where smaller images are on the rise. This is where you print or get miniature photos and then set them against a much larger plain background. The stark contrast in size between the frame and the image will draw the eye while presenting a clean scene.

Another option would be to get a large corkboard or whiteboard and then fill it up with numerous tiny photos. You can print those at half what regular pictures would be and then create a collage of sorts. You can be as creative with this as you want and add any other extra detail that you need. Be sure to remember that you are going for neatness with this project, though, and to minimize the total size. 

Keep Everything Tight

Everything in the room must be tucked in, folder, fastened, tied, and so on if there are fabrics involved. Nothing must be loose, messy, dangling, or fluttering unless you are doing it in an ironic manner. You are aiming for neatness with your decorations here and the room won’t be neat if it looks too lived-in. This principle applies to beds, chairs, couches, curtains, tables, walls, carpets, and many more that might fall under this criteria.

To make this easier for you, choosing furniture that doesn’t have loose fabrics or textiles would be advised. Instead, you can choose ones with faux or real leather, as well as snug and stretchable materials for upper layers. The same goes for table cloths, bedsheets, and couch covers that will occupy huge spaces in the room. This might not be strictly necessary but it will save you a lot of time and effort later.

Minimal Carpeting

The final piece of the puzzle is minimal carpeting where you include as few carpeting jobs as possible for the room. This is important because a neat, fashionable space cannot easily tolerate carpets if they are too big and bulky. You want floors that are made of wood or tiles or granite that would then be easy on the eyes. Carpets can often be messy to look at and can be a nightmare to clean

Minimal Carpeting

An ideal setup would be to have a carpet that would only cover a quarter of the room. It would then be placed underneath a piece of furniture or in the center of the room itself. This will keep the carpet tucked away neatly.


Decorating a room can bring out its full potential with the right choices. Choosing to go for neatness is trending up these days due to the rise of minimalism. More than that, many of the more affluent folks in society want less clutter in their lives. The tips discussed here can help with that.

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