5 Basic Ways to Reinvent Your Bathroom


Tired of walking into the same bathroom you’ve kept for years? Perhaps, it’s high time that you give it a makeover. The year 2019 has a lot in store for homeowners who want to reinvent their space.

New and exciting trends are gaining momentum while old-style trends, like the Memphis design, are bringing back the nostalgia of the past. This leaves homeowners, like you, plenty of options for changing up their bathroom. There are lots of ways you can reinvent your space. You can start with these essential tips.

Repaint Your Bathroom Walls

Repainting is the easiest and most cost-effective way you can reinvent a space. Over the years, your bathroom wall must have seen a lot of damage, watermarks, and dullness from the constant exposure to heat and moisture. Stripping off the old paint and giving it a new color can instantly give your bathroom a face-lift.

For the past year, light and neutral colors (e.g., powder blue, pastel pink, gray, and beige) have been popular choices for bathroom walls. However, recent trends have seen a rise in popularity of bold and bright colors, like plum, magenta, teal, and black.

If you have a tiny bathroom, light colors work to make the room look bigger and brighter.

Replace the Flooring

Changing the flooring is another thing you can do to update the look of your bathroom instantly. Even the best cleaning supplies can’t erase years of dirt and grime on old flooring, so if you want to transform your bathroom, then you must replace your tiles.

When choosing the flooring for your bathroom, you have to consider the durability, look, cost, and most importantly, the water-resistant capability of the material you’re going to buy. There are several options that meet these standards. On top of the list are ceramic tiles, vinyl, and natural stone.

Engineered wood and laminate flooring are also popular, but they have yet to reach the standards of the first three when it comes to water resilience.

Whatever your choice may be, ensure that the flooring and walls complement each other to achieve a harmonious overall design.

Install Water-Efficient Fixtures

With the water crises the world is facing today, it’s more urgent to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle now more than ever. You start making a difference by replacing your old water fixtures with water-efficient models.

One of the biggest water wasters, old toilets use about 4 to 7 gallons of water with just a single flush. Replacing one with a water-efficient macerating toilet helps cut down the water use to 1 to 1.3 gallons of water and enhance the flushing performance.

Similarly, using water-saving faucets and showerheads significantly reduces the water used in your bathroom, the one place in the house where the most water is wasted.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for both function and form, but what many homeowners don’t realize is that it’s achieved through layering the three types of lighting—ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Creating excellent lighting conditions in your bathroom is more than just installing a line of recessed lighting or single ceiling light. In fact, overhead lighting, without task and accent lighting, can cast unflattering light in your bathroom.  Its also important to under stand what type of ceiling you have.

However, that’s easily amended with the addition of sconces, pendant lights, or task lighting in strategic places. The combination of different types of lighting provides a full-bodied illumination of the space, making it look more spacious and airy as well as clean and welcoming.

Switch Shower Curtains for Glass Doors

Modern design is all about seamless space. If you want to update the look of your bathroom, say goodbye to your shower curtains and say hello to glass doors. There are other advantages of installing glass doors other than the seamless effect it creates.

Glass reflects light well and allows it to flow freely, so glass shower doors can help make your bathroom look brighter and more prominent. It’s also easy to clean and lasts for years. And with a glass door, you won’t have to worry about water spraying and flooding your bathroom floor every time you take a shower.

Last Word

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in every home. Its value is more than just the facilities it offers but also the comfort and relaxation you derive from staying in the room and doing your routine. After another year of service, your bathroom deserves a much-needed upgrade, but more than that, you deserve to dwell in a place that provides you with all the comfort and security you want and need.

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