3 Reasons You Should Move To South Lakeland, FL!


When you think of Florida, you think of sandy beaches, relaxation, and having great memories with your family, right? Picture how great it would feel if you moved there! It would make you feel like you were on vacation every day of the week, no matter what!

You may not realize this, but the town is famous for having Edward Scissorhands be filmed there, and they will take to a whole new level of beauty with their swans. They are the most beautiful creatures, and after they were wiped out, Queen Elizabeth II donated two of her royal swans to help. Today they have eighty! Intrigued? That’s just the beginning of what this beautiful town can give you.

Let’s see 3 reasons you should move to South Lakeland FL!

It’s A Home To True Beauty And Learning

Florida is beautiful, but this town is stunning. It is not just humans that choose to make this their home. Plants and animals do as well. In fact, there are over ten thousand flowers and botanical sites to see when you visit Lake Mirror, along with fountains, art, installations, picnic areas for families along with playgrounds, fantastic architecture, and an enormous amphitheater for concerts and community events. The best part? You can stroll along the Promenade making beautiful memories and having the best time with your family. They also have children’s museums where you can have fun learning at the best educational exhibits.

South Lakeland, FL Is Close To The Bigger Cities

Are you feeling a little bored? Orlando is less than forty minutes away, and Tampa Bay is the same. Taking a day trip to the bigger cities is easier than ever. In other cities, it takes hours to get to major cities, which is a downside for families that want to be able to have fun and enjoy their time together. Now you can. Orlando and Tampa Bay have some of the most well-known sites in the country, and it’s a definite plus for couples or families alike! The wonderful thing about its location is that South Lakeland, FL, really does have something for everyone.

Old School Meets New School

Have you ever seen a city that felt like a small town and a big city at the same time? That is what South Lakeland, FL, feels like. It offers natural landscapes to explore with peaceful and quaint suburbs with a downtown that is the best place to go for entertainment, community, business, and dining. Boasting that they have the best coffee and a great place to get a good meal, it’s the city’s hive and well worth checking out.

South Lakeland, FL Is A Wonderful Place To Live

Now that you know some of the best things that this city has to offer, you will want to move here in a heartbeat, and you are not alone. The houses, the scenery, and the incredible sense of community, and having a place to feel like you belong is a great reason to make a move. Embrace change and fun with a new opportunity and a town that will never leave you bored.

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