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If you have problems with sleep, this article is for you. If you believe that you sleep properly but your close ones complain about your snoring, this article is for you, too. In other words, if there is something wrong with your sleep:

  • You get up tired even if you have slept sufficient number of hours
  • Snoring is your constant issue
  • If you get up with pains in the back or neck
  • If you simply wake up at night to change the position because you feel discomfort

It might happen because your bed is not comfortable enough for you to have a proper rest.

Get an Adjustable Bed and Sleep Like a King

The good thing is that now, adjustable bed frames are available that can be adjusted for you to sleep perfectly. You can choose one of the sizes that suits most for your needs:

  • Twin XL
  • Queen size
  • King size

Choose your frame size based on your needs and habits.

Different Bed Frame Types Are Available

Now, when you have selected the bed size, it is time to think about the bed type. You can choose among the following types, based on your budget and needs.

Drift Classic

This adjustable frame is the simplest and the cheapest. It has everything to provide you with comfort during the sleep:

  • You can adjust the head position
  • It enables you to set up the leg position as you like
  • You can pre-program the bed to move to 2 different positions. What about one for sleeping time and another one for watching TV?

With this frame, you get the basic comfort which is so much required and cannot be provided if you use a traditional bed.

Drift Pro

Along with all the features that the Classic type offers such as adjustable head and leg positions, and 2 programmable positions, you can count on the following enhancements if you choose the Pro type:

  • Underbed lighting
  • USB charger
  • Back and leg massage function.

As you can see, these additional features are there to create that breathtaking look that will make you love your space, and to add comfort. A massage function might become your favorite one, after all!

Drift Elite

Along with all the above mentioned features such as head and leg adjustment, preprogrammed positions, underbed lighting, USB charges, back and leg massage, you get:

  • A neck adjustment function
  • A wall hugger.

All in all you get what you pay for. The more expensive the option is, the more advanced and extensive features it offers. However, just the basic functionality is sufficient to boost the quality of your sleep. And if you want the ultimate comfort, opt for the Elite type.

Why Is It Worth Investing in an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is not only hype and a wish to impress somebody. It helps you in many way, including the following:

  • It helps to reduce and finally eliminates the pains in the back and neck.
  • It boosts the sleep quality.
  • An adjustable bed is a perfect way to minimize snoring and prevent sleep apnea.
  • It alleviates acid reflux and heartburn.
  • It improves blood circulation and prevents the diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Your Bed Frame Might Be Compatible with the Adjustable Bed

A standard-panel bed frame shall be compatible with the adjustable bed. Anyway check the dimensions of both the frame and the adjustable bed. Remove the wooden slats inside, and fix the bed to the frame.

The Drift Elite model is not compatible with normal bed frames. Therefore, if you opt for the most advanced bed, you’d need to get a special bed frame for it.

You can attach your headboard to the adjustable bed if you believe it looks nicer.

A New Mattress Might Be Not Needed

If you have a foam or latex mattress, you might use it with your adjustable bed (as long as the mattress is flexible enough to move with the bed). If you use a mattress that cannot be bent easily, you might need to buy a new mattress. You can purchase it together with your new bed – just add it to your cart and place your order.

Warranty Is a Must

An adjustable bed is not cheap therefore, a reliable manufacturer will always offer some kind of a warranty. For example, if you purchase your bed from Progressive Bed, you can count on a 100-nights trial. If something breaks down, you detect a factory defect, or you see that it is not your product, you can return it.

Bottom Line

Investing in an adjustable bed is not just spending money on an impressive product. It is a long-term investment in your health and the health of your family. Along with comfortable sleeping, you get a number of benefits for your back, neck, legs. In the long term, it will enable you to enjoy your sleep and feel fresh in the morning.


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