Your Perfect Home Automation with a Help of Lifting Mechanisms

While home automation ideas might be not among the cheapest ones, they improve your home by making it more convenient and valuable. If you have been planning to create a new ambient at home by automating some items, it is time to do it. Platform Lifts also a best choice for home automation that really gives you good support.

Do not forget to choose the proper linear actuators. They are the heart of your automated device. They make it operate as expected thus providing top comfort level. To make sure you are choosing the most suitable actuator system, consult a representative of the manufacturer from which you are going to purchase the item.

Now, let us move to the most interesting automation ideas for your home.

Popup Kitchen Devices

Your kitchen is a special place. You need to make it spacy, comfortable, and extremely functional. All these features shall be fitted in a limited space, and it might be challenging. The solution is in the automation of at least some parts of the kitchen.

A recessed lifting column can solve the issue of domestic items. You can install it in a kitchen cabinet, and arrange a nice popup platform for, say, a coffee machine or a food processor, or any other device type that you do not need constantly.

It is needed to make an opening in the cabinet top to make the platform pass. Attach to the opening a cover on hinges. When the column is in a retracted position, the device is hidden, and the cover is closed. Your cabinet looks normal. But with one push of a button, the column extends and lifts the platform with the device. It shall look impressive!

An automated rack for spices is one more frequent installation in the kitchen. You can make a popup one. The principle is the same as in the case with a popup domestic device, but you install a spice rack on the column. Another option is to make a drop-down spice rack. For that, you will need an actuator and a rack. You can install the actuator in one of the wall-mounted cabinets. It will lower and lift the spice rack when needed.

If you have a small kitchen, a drop-down kitchen cabinet will provide you with more storage space. You can use any cabinet for this project. You might build one to hide it or you might use one that looks like a part of the kitchen furniture set. For this project, you will need a powerful linear actuator able to lift and lower the cabinet with its content. The actuator shall be installed on the wall. You can hide it between a decorative panel. On the other side, the cabinet is fixed. You can lower the cabinet and lift it thus saving the space and still getting enough place to store things.

Automated Doors and Windows

Automated doors and windows not just make your home look cool. They make your accommodation extremely comfortable.

You know the feeling when you need to open a window at night or during a hot day to let some fresh air in. Sometimes, getting up and opening it might be too challenging while a button on the remote control can be an easy and fast solution.

With doors, the challenges might be even more intense. Here, we should mention not only the doors of your house but, for example, a garage door. If the weather is cold or it is raining heavily, getting out of your car to open the garage door is not the most pleasant experience. But if the door is automated, you can avoid the most unpleasant experiences.

Table Lifts and Chair Recliners

Height adjustable tables are a new trend nowadays. It is considered healthy and convenient if you can work at a desk in which height can be adjusted. Thus, what about making one?

With a proper actuator system (the best manufacturers sell different types of systems, you can choose the design that you like), you can turn your favourite desk into a height-adjustable one. If you don’t have a desk or need to change one to a more advanced solution, you can use a special tool called desk builder. It is an online tool that some linear actuator manufacturers provide to help you with your choice.

Chair recliners are not used frequently at homes. While this device is considered mainly for medical applications, it can still make the life of some of your siblings more convenient. If you have a person who has issues with movement coordination or problems with the muscular-skeleton system, a chair that can be reclined can be indispensable to improve their life quality. A person can make the chair recline or move to its initial position just with a push of a button. Well, and a chair that can be moved to a more convenient position is also more convenient.

Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.