Your Best Epoxy Countertop Options


If you are looking for options to redo countertops at home without spending a lot of money, then epoxy countertops are an ideal option for you. These do not require professional help and can be installed easily at home by following a few simple steps. Epoxy Countertops work great for your house’s interior look. They are durable and provide a fresh feel to your home. 

Let’s get to know about epoxy countertops and what are the best epoxy for countertops options available. 

What exactly are epoxy countertops?

Epoxy Countertops are durable surfaces that can be used at home. They are resistant to any stains or spills and made keeping in mind a specialized design to give your house a new look. Further, you can experiment with various epoxy at home with the entire process from creating to finishing. 

The chemical solution in epoxy resins gives a durable and rock-hard substance that is good enough to withstand scratches, heat, or any other damage. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for giving a new look to your countertops. 

What to consider before choosing the best epoxy for countertops

Even though each type of resin are two-part products that cure once they are mixed properly. However, read on to find out some of the points to consider before choosing the right epoxy countertops: 

Durability and UV resistance

Once the epoxy is fully cured, it provides a clear water shine that resists heat, cracking, scratches, etc. Many epoxy resins are also resistant to UV rays. Therefore, if you are using epoxy for outdoor use, make sure to opt for a protected resin or coat an epoxy resin with UV-resistant urethane varnish. On the other hand, some epoxy resins are not made for outdoor use, so choose wisely.


Epoxy resins offer limitless design options to choose from. For instance, epoxy resin can be dyed easily to choose the color that matches your kitchen cabinets. Also, users can create quartz, granite, or marble effects to add another effect to the surface.

Cleaning and maintenance

Epoxy countertops need regular cleaning so that their shine doesn’t wear off. Mop up spills right away to avoid any permanent marks. If warm water does not remove marks, you can also use dish soap. Again, though, always use a white cloth so that the fabric color does not transfer to the epoxy surface. 

Best epoxy resin for countertops

There are many epoxy resins for countertops available that can give your countertop an incredible look. However, opting for quality over cheap epoxy countertops is advisable, as high-quality epoxy resin makes a huge difference. 

So, let’s have a look at some of the best epoxy for countertops options: 

Stone coat countertops epoxy

Stone Coat Epoxy is an eco-safe, low-odor product that does not involve VOCs. It is UV stabilized, self-leveling, and does not turn yellow over Time. Once it is cured, it is safe from any scratches, stains, or other damages. Further, it provides temperature resistance upto 500°F. The pack offers a wide range of compatible powders and dyes that you can customize. This resin comes in ½-gallon, 1-gallon, and 2-gallon kits to minimize waste.

Product Specifications

  •     Volume- 1 gallon
  •     Compatible Material-Stone
  •     Curing Time-7 -30 days


  •     Easy to Clean and Scratch Resistant
  •     Very durable
  •     UV resistant metallic epoxy
  •     Works well with adding paint and color
  •     Versatile Curing times 


  •     Little more expensive than other epoxy resins.
  •     Maximum heat resistance takes around 30 days to cure. 

Pro marine supplies tabletop epoxy resin

This Epoxy Resin is compatible with surface metal, stone, wood, or laminates. It offers good UV resistance, emits low VOCs, levels itself, and produces minimal air bubbles. Furthermore, it produces minimal odor during application. Also, it is food safe once it’s cured. Relatively inexpensive and versatile, it takes the top spot for epoxy countertops. It provides a heat resistance temperature of 135°F. It is sold in a one-gallon and can be used around 75°F.

It is the best epoxy for wood counter tops. 

Product specs

  •       Volume- 1 gallon
  •       Compatible Material- Wood
  •       Curing Time- 3 days 


  •     Faster curing time.
  •     Easy to use.
  •     Food is Safe once it’s cured completely.
  •     Minimal odor 


  •     Lesser low-temperature tolerance as compared to others. 

DR crafty clear epoxy resin

The DR Crafty Epoxy Resin provides an affordable solution for those new to using epoxy for their countertops. It offers good UV resistance, emits low VOCs, levels itself, and produces minimal air bubbles. Also, if you want to achieve various effects, mix it with powder or dye. 

The ideal temperature for using this epoxy resin ranges between 75°F and 80°F. A second coat can be applied once the first coat is cured, which takes around 12-14 hours. It is fully cured in 3 days and heat resistant to 230°F. This resin is considered the best epoxy for countertops. 

Product specs

  •       Volume- 64 ounces
  •       Compatible Material-Plastic
  •       Curing Time- 3 days 


  •     High heat tolerance.
  •     Ideal for beginners.
  •     Small and Manageable bottles.
  •     Easy to use. 


  •     Difficult when used for free-form pouring. 

Superclear tabletop epoxy kit

This epoxy offers great performance and is highly durable for the attractive price tag. The resin is a normal 1:1 ratio easy to use. You get 1 gallon of epoxy resin to combine with epoxy and hardener in the kite. It offers good UV resistance, levels itself, emits low VOCs, and produces minimal air bubbles. 

Since it is so simple to mix, this is a fantastic epoxy to use with pigment. As a result, if you want to have an epoxy that provides your countertop a fantastic look without spending a lot of money, this is perfect.

Product specs

  •     Compatible Material- Wood and all other materials.
  •     Item Volume- 2 gallons. 


  •     Easy to use and mix.
  •     Good Value for money
  •     Ultra-clear gloss finish
  •     Works perfectly over a range of surfaces.


  •     Less heat is resistant as compared to others.

Final words

Epoxy resins are the best choice to give your countertops an incredible and fresh look. Choose the best epoxy resin for counter tops that are highly durable. In addition, epoxy Countertops are fun and easy to use. It can be installed at home by doing a DIY makeover on your countertops. Choose wisely among the best epoxy countertop options to avoid damage or disappointment.

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