Workstation Sinks are Changing the Ways We Work in the Kitchen

Today workstation sinks have created a storm in the kitchen design. A lot of talk is going around about the ultra-fashionable sinks that come with a host of features that look like a new kitchen equipment. The new type of sinks has created a new definition of kitchen sinks that do a lot of good to users than just helping in prepping and washing. Adding a workstation kitchen sink will transform your kitchen by significantly improving your working efficiency and give immense satisfaction.

Workstation sinks are the result of continuous development of kitchen equipment as sink manufacturers set their eyes on offering better user experience by showing that there is a better way of doing things. With the advent of workstation sinks, the way you use a sink will never be the same anymore. Workstation sinks are special not only in its looks, functionalities, and appeal that surpass user expectations but the real worth of the sinks is in the value it adds to the home by long term cost saving. To stay tuned to the trends, having a workstation sink seems to an obvious choice.

What is a workstation sink?

Looks might be deceptive as you will realize by looking at a workstation sink that looks like any other standard kitchen-sink when you see it first, but there is more to it than what catches the eye. As the name suggests, although the sink is central to the design of the equipment, there are many more functionalities added to it. Along with the sink comes many more accessories that aid the functionalities. For example, there are cutting board holders, soaking vessels, colanders, and drain grids with interchangeable configurations and levels that enhance your sink work. Currently, some companies have designed workstation sinks by modifying the regular stainless steel undermount sink.  Be sure to check out for great options.

A sink with a ledge

If you hear someone talking about ledge sink, then you should know they are referring to the workstation sink because the design stipulates that there is a built-in ledge in the sink. The ledge creates a custom rack for accessories such as cutting boards, drain mats, colanders, trays, etc. The purpose is to create an additional work level of the sink. As you can understand, ledge sinks or workstation sinks come with extra functionalities, which is the real beauty of these sinks. The sinks maximize efficiency by streamlining movements that add more comfort to kitchen work. It eliminates the need to run around looking for accessories required for sink work and naturally speeds up the work. The sink acts as an extended workspace whenever you need it.

A more versatile sink

The versatility of workstation sinks is truly matchless. By placing the cutting board on the sink, you create an extra workspace that you can use at will. Interestingly, you can use one side of the cutting board for meat and the other side for vegetables. The drain mat on the sink comes in handy when you wash dishes in the sink. After you are done, you can roll the drain mat and keep it in the drawer. The workstation sink is ideal for use as a prepping or clean up area. Besides readymade workstation sinks, you can customize the sink that meets your requirements the best.

A cleaner kitchen

Workstation sinks help to keep kitchens cleaner and more sanitary. The tasks that the kitchen sink must handle are not often clean, and there are increased risks of contamination that can cause health hazards. The design of workstation sinks is such that it organizes the sink to keep things segregated, thereby reducing the chances of cross-contamination. These are multi-tasking sinks because you can do several tasks like washing fresh fruits and vegetables, defrosting meat, and do the dishwashing in the sink at the same time.  By using the accessories that come with the sink, you can make varied use of the sink that is unthinkable in any standard sink.

Sometimes you may have guests to attend and did not find time to complete the dishwashing, but the dishes left in the sink can make an ugly sight. To avoid the embarrassment of guests seeing the mess, you can use some accessories that allow you to block the view of the dishes and let them only see an organized sink.

Easy and functional storage

Cabinets take up large spaces in the kitchen, and there are no better means of storing various kitchen accessories. On taking a closer look at the cabinets, you will be surprised to discover the enormous space that cutting boards, colanders, and drying racks occupy. Workstation sinks give splendid opportunities to save workspace by incorporating storage features where you can put in all these items. Thus, you can free up the cabinet space that you can use for storing other things that you may require to improve your kitchen working efficiency.

Easy cleanup

A workstation sink becomes the focal point of all kitchen work because it is the place where you can do everything from chopping to washing and straining. In the process, you will use the countertops less that remain clean, and you spend less time and effort in the cleanup. This is especially beneficial for marble and granite countertops that are vulnerable to stains. You can use all acidic liquids like vinegar and cut lemons on the sink, thereby saving the countertop from any damage. With accessories fitted to the sink, you are sure that these are of the right sizes that fit into the sink, which could be a problem had you used some accessories of different sizes.

Improved safety

Besides creating a clean and sanitary workspace in the kitchen, workstation sinks can help to improve safety in the kitchen.  By using the colander accessory that comes along with the sink, you can simplify the process of pasta making. Unlike the free-standing colander that can be difficult to manage, you avoid the risk of pouring boiling water and avoid burns.

Workstation sinks come in a variety of styles, and you can choose from a drop-in sink, undermount sink, or apron sink.