Wok Pan: Key Benefits of the Chinese Kitchenware


A wok is a traditional Chinese utensil with a round bottom and wide edges. Multifunctional and universal woks are gaining great popularity, especially among oriental cuisine lovers. In response to demand, more and more woks have appeared on the shelves of cookware markets in all their diversity. What are the benefits of this cookware? Let’s find out.

Wok: What You Need to Know About It

Adaptation of an ancient frying pan from China to a modern professional wok by https://yosukata.com/ determined the main characteristic of it – the maximum heating of the bottom for cooking. On the other hand, modern stoves are not heated by straw, and the diameter of the bottom remains minimal, so four main features determine the effectiveness of this utensil.

  1. Heating speed. The principle of operation of this utensil is to quickly fry products at high temperatures.
  2. The versatility of cooking. In addition to frying, a wok can be used for almost any cooking method.
  3. Food quality. As wok dishes are cooked in hot oil very quickly, it allows you to keep all the useful things in the products. Besides, an appetizing crust is guaranteed.
  4. Ease of use. Wok’s design allows cooking food quickly and conveniently. Due to the high sides and active stirring of the pieces, you shouldn’t worry that they will fly outside the pan. Strong handles allow you to move and hold the pan as you wish. New models of woks with removable handles also allow you to compactly store kitchen utensils.

The Chinese wok looks like a regular cauldron, produced for fast frying. We recommend selecting the option based on where you will use it. For instance, cast iron is good for a barbeque zone in the countryside, and aluminum – for home use.

What Can Be Cooked in a Wok?

A wok is really a versatile utensil because you can cook almost any dish and even porridge in it. It can be used as a deep fryer and is also convenient for cooking pasta with vegetables. But ordinary frying is also one of the methods of cooking in Chinese utensils. An essential rule is that all products should be finely chopped and have the same size. Prepare all ingredients in advance because you will not be able to leave the wok since the stir-fry method requires constant presence near the stove.

Two more cooking methods are stewing and steaming. You can stew meat and vegetables in sauce or water. You should also put it on low heat and stir as it cooks.

In Conclusion

A wok is a versatile kitchen utensil. It requires almost no care, and the food cooked in it is very tasty. The main thing is to choose the right type and get used to cooking in it!

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