Windows Replacement in Ottawa: Manufacturers, Products, Prices & Case Studies


Window replacement is a tough decision to take since it requires plenty of time, investments and the intricacies of this trade. Going in blind will only leave you falling into pitfalls that otherwise you may have evaded.

To put everything for you in perspective, we talked to experts from Ecoline, a window replacement company in Ottawa, and gathered comprehensive information about the products, manufacturers, and local prices. Having a good understanding of the said factors will put you in a great position as you look to replace old windows or install new ones. Without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

Windows and Door Companies in Ottawa

You may have fallen victim to the train of thought that suggests that window and door companies are the manufacturers of these products. However, you should know that essentially, these types of companies only deal with the sale of window and door products. While this is true, a few companies may manufacture and also have outlets where they sell these products on retail. So, having gotten that out of the way let’s discuss window companies Ottawa. A quick google search on windows and door companies in Ottawa will bring you tens if not hundreds of suggestions to choose from. From here is where things get murky and unclear especially on the choice of company to go for.

However, there are a few pointers that could look out for every time you want to check out any window company.

  • How long has the company been in the market?

This will always give you an indication as to whether the company can be relied upon for future works. Also, you will be surprised to know that companies that have been in the business for a while usually have better guarantee plans as compared to those that are just starting off.

  • What is the warranty?

When it comes to warranty options, make sure you know the exact terms of warranties in case of damage. Understand right off the bat what the company is liable to cover in the event of damage and for how long the warranty is viable.

  • Good variety of products

Secondly, as a rule of thumb, always go for the companies with a variety of different products that you could choose from. As a buyer, the luxury of choice when it comes to variety gives you the opportunity to pick the best product as opposed to having one or two shoved down your throat. Usually, Ottawa window manufacturers window offers include awning, casement windows, sliding windows, and picture windows just to mention a few.

  • Energy Star Windows

Should I go for an affordable window replacement near me? The next time you ask yourself this question, please consider whether the company has products that are energy-star rated. Window manufacturers with products that are Energy Star rated are often legit and can guarantee to sell you products that will serve you for long and protect you from the Canadian harsh weather.

  • Licenses and Certifications

Also, it is critical to always have the manufacturer’s information before deciding to close the deal with a particular company. Getting the manufacturer’s information will enable you to decide whether you are going to deal with the same company down the line or not. Proper companies should not have a problem giving you this information as it is important to know who you are dealing with beforehand. This will give you a clear picture of what the company can and cannot promise. A good Ottawa installer should always follow your local building codes and CSA guidelines.

A Great Ottawa Installer on the Example of Ecoline Windows

Ecoline Windows is a window manufacturer with all their products being Canadian-made, Energy Star rated and NAFS-11 testes. The company has been in the market for years and has made substantial development and sales in window and door products qualifying as one of the big names in the country.

Quick facts about Ecoline Windows that make it one of the best choice when it comes to window replacement in Ottawa:

  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Over 40,000 installations done
  • All products are Energy Star rated, NAFS-11 and NFRC tested
  • HomeStars features 98% of positive reviews
  • The professional installers who always follow CSA guidelines
  • Window Installers with WCB (Workers Compensation Board)
  • Excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau

Products, Types, and Prices

If you think you need window replacement, the vital step is to decide which window type you need and how much it will cost you. Below, you can find the main window types you can come across when doing your market research and the typical price range for the Ottawa region.

  • Awning windows

Awning windows hinge at the top and are opened from the bottom. These windows are a combination of excellent ventilation and an obstructed view outside. As a rule, they are to be best placed in smaller and wider areas.

  • Casement windows

A casement is a window often attached by a single or double hinge. This type of window either slides outwards or to the left or right bringing in ventilation as well as light.

  • Hopper windows

Often referred to as bathroom windows, a hopper is a small window that operates by opening inwards and downwards. It is usually installed in the basement or bathrooms hence the name.

  • Picture windows

Picture windows are those with a large window frame usually rectangular or square like a picture. These windows give you access to the scenery outside but do not open, hence giving enough lighting but no ventilation whatsoever.

  • Single Hung

With single-hung windows, the upper pane/sash is usually fixed and doesn’t move while the bottom sash can be closed or opened. It works like a tilted hopper window.

The table below represents the average prices for Ottawa:

Awning, $ Casement, $ Hopper, $ Picture, $ Single hung, $ Single slider– tilt, $
493 – 1161 523 – 953 526 – 982 355 – 2088 541 – 1093 328 – 1637


Case Study from Ecoline Windows

Now you know that window replacement is a process that requires a lot of research and efforts. Of course, the final prices depend on the various aspects, not just location and size. Materials, painting, glazing and other configurations also contribute to the final cost of your project. But let’s take a quick glance at the case study sent to us by Ecoline.

They say that a client visited their office asking to replace the old, draughty, and high maintenance windows with a new awning windows solution for his house in Ottawa. The price for the chosen configuration looks as follows:


Type Hardware Glazing Gas Timeframe Price
Awning Folding Handle Triple Glaze Argon 7-10 weeks delivery $800 – $1000

window replacement


Well, that’s it as far as window installment in Ottawa is concerned. Equipped with this information, you will have an easy job making your way around and avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Remember any window is as good as its installation, so when choosing a company to work with, pay attention to the products they have in store and the number of successful installations done.

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