Why You Should Leave Roof Pressure Washing to the Professionals?


The roof is the most important part of a construction facility whether it is a commercial or domestic property. But apart from being the most important part, it is also the most vulnerable part of the construction. The roof of a building is constantly exposed to different weather conditions whether it is sun, wind, rain, or snow. For instance, the shingles of a roof act as the protective layer that helps to extend the lifespan of the roof of a building. The UV rays from the sun can break down the shingles of a roof.

Even though the roof of a house is made out of the best quality materials and construction, it still remains susceptible to wear and tear. There is also an overgrowth of organic materials and substances on the roof that can cause damage. For instance materials like mold, mildew, moss, and algae can cause rotting of shingles and other roofing materials along with causing unattractive stains. But what is the solution?

All these issues can be avoided with proper maintenance and roof cleaning services. When you search for “pressure washing near me” services you should target certified professionals. They are trained to professionally maintain and clean roofs. Professional roof cleaning services with pressure washing techniques should be done at least once or twice a year. Preferably once during the fall and the spring season. Pressure washing of the roof by professionals will not only restore the appearance of the roof but will keep harmful substances at bay. These are the substances that might have damaged the roof materials.

Reasons to leave roof pressure washing to certified professionals

You might cause damage to the roof

You might cause more damage to your roof if you use the power washing techniques in an incorrect way. A power washer comes with different power settings, and different power settings are needed to clean different types of roofs. For instance, some roofs are made out of ceramic and concrete tiles where hard pressure is required to clean. And older roofs that are made out of asphalt or cedar shakes cannot withstand a lot of pressure. Hence, you might crack the roofing material or blow it right off the roof if you do not use the power washing techniques correctly.

You might trip and fall

The last thing you want in your life would be to trip and fall from your rooftop! There is always the risk of falling when you are climbing atop your roof. Your roof might not look like it’s too slanty or high pitched from below. But it’s always higher when you go up there. Professionals know what they are doing in this case. There might be a patch of slippery algae or an unattended nail facing upwards. These things can easily twist your ankle, pull your back, or make you fall topsy-turvy. Whereas professional roof cleaning agents are trained to climb and clean every kind of roof surface.

You might not completely clean the roof

The reason to get professional pressure cleaning services is that they know how to completely clean your roof. From removing acidic bird droppings from concrete tiles to correctly removing algae, professional roof cleaning services know the roofs better than an average homeowner. Since these elements can damage your house roof, they need to be completely cleaned and removed from the surface. A professional understands the type of cleaning solutions that might be required to completely clean and get rid of such elements that can cause potential harm.

Potentially dangerous bugs or animals might be living on your roof

While you might think that there’s nothing atop your roof, it might be the resting place or home for many dangerous bugs or animals. You wouldn’t want to stumble upon a hornet’s nest or come across a dangerous raccoon trying to put up a fight! These are unwanted pests and animals that can cause you to lose your balance and fall. These dangerous living animals can also prove fatal. For instance, replace the picture of a hornet’s nest with a bunch of venomous snakes curled up together in a nest!

You might void the warranty

Voiding the warranty of your roofing materials can be a result of not cleaning the roof professionally. If you do not properly take care of the roof, then you might void the warranty of your roofing materials. There are many roofing material manufacturers who might not extend the warranty of their materials beyond 20 years. But damaging the roof within this period, due to improper maintenance might cause a lot of money out of your own pocket.

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