Why You Should Consider Adding a Carport to your House


If there’s one thing we value after our homes is our vehicles. Especially for those of us living in busy cities that require means of transport to most places, maintaining a vehicle is an absolute priority. 

One of the best ways to take care of your vehicle and ensure its longevity is to install a carport if you don’t have a garage. Carport kits are a versatile structure mainly used for storing cars but can also be used for other purposes.

Wondering if it’s worth installing a carport in your home? Read on to find you should consider having this beautiful addition.

1. Carports Protects your Vehicles from Exposure to Severe Weather Conditions 

The most apparent reason why you need a carport in your home is the protection it provides to your vehicle. A carport protects your car from heavy rain, storm, hail, ice, and other natural elements. Prolonged exposure to these elements may damage your car and cost you a lot in maintaining it. 

Not only is your car protected, but with a carport, you won’t be exposed to these harsh elements when loading items into your vehicle or unloading them. 

Don’t forget, carports aren’t only for cars; you can use them to protect your bikes, motorcycles, trucks, and even tractors from these harsh elements. Contact Outdoor World now to hire custom carport installation expert professionals.

2. Protects Your Vehicle Against Theft and Vandalisation

Installing a carport helps protect your car from possible theft and vandalism from intruders. Most criminals shun cars placed in carports because they’re exposed, and they can’t make vandalism easily or drive them away. 

Also, since a carport leaves your vehicle visible, you’ll be able to keep more eye on it than when it’s in a garage. 

3. Recreational Area

If you’d love to throw a party or a barbecue outside your home but can’t think of the right place, then a carport is a perfect option.

Carports aren’t only for keeping vehicles, they’re multi-functional, and one of their versatility is You can use them for throwing parties or hosting guests. 

If you have a large carport, you can create a spot where your kids and pets can comfortably play with their friends. 

4. Provides you with a Shaded and Comfortable Resting Area

We all want to enjoy fresh air during the hot summer days, but once we think of the scorching sun outside, we give up. 

Carports provide you with enough shade during the heated summer days. You can spend the afternoon during weekends comfortably with your family under its shade. 

Moreover, investing in a carport is almost necessary if your vehicle has leather seats. This is because it will protect your car interior from getting hot, thereby preventing your vehicle from damaging. A carport also provides the comfort of hopping into your vehicle without fear of getting burnt by the scorching seat. 

5. Carports are Easier to Use

Unlike garages, where you’ve to open the door before taking your vehicle in, carports are mostly open like canopies, and all you’ve to do is drive in and park your car. 

They also provide an added convenience when you come home from groceries shopping. You no longer have to struggle to open a door while holding items. All you’ve to do is comfortably open your booth or wherever you place your groceries and carry them in. 

6. Provides you with a Storage Space

Homeowners are always looking for a place to store their household junk safely and make their indoor space look tidy. Most of those that don’t have a garage consider buying an outdoor storage shed. But what if you need where to keep your car and also your items? Here’s where a carport comes into play. 

You can easily add storage areas to your carport where you can keep your workshop tools, garden equipment, and other items you’d use later but are accumulating too much space in your indoor area. 

Consider installing a big carport to accommodate your vehicles and household junk. 

7. They’re Cost-Efficient 

If you don’t have a garage, building one from scratch can cost you a lot of money, especially if you’re on a tight budget. An economical alternative to a garage is a carport. 

Also, installing a carport doesn’t require you to make any renovations to your home that will lead to unanticipated expenses. Moreover, the amount you’ll spend on obtaining a carport building permit is far lower than what you’ll pay to get a garage building permit. 

When you build a garage, you’ll have to paint it, install epoxy flooring, buy a fire extinguisher, bring electricity and water, and buy bulbs. These will cost you a lot and add to your household’s energy consumption. However, when you choose to add a carport, all you’ve to do is install the structure and add storage units if you need them. 

8. They Can House Any Vehicle

Just because they’re called carports doesn’t mean they’re only meant to store cars. Carports can be used for housing any vehicle you’ve. 

Many homeowners install carports to keep their RVs, tractors, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and bicycles. Even if you have a garage, but it’s not big enough to accommodate all the family vehicles, you can use a carport to house the other vehicles. 

9. An Energy-Efficient Option

Many homeowners can’t afford to increase their energy output. If you’re one of those, then a carport is what you should consider installing. This option erases the need to install an electric door, lighting, GFCI outlets, and other energy-consuming features. This helps in reducing your electricity bills. 

10. Adds Value to Your Home 

One of the most important reasons why you should consider adding a carport to your home is the value it adds to the home. Most homebuyers will find your home more attractive when it has a carport and be willing to pay a better price. 


There are many reasons you should consider installing a carport in your home. Apart from storing your vehicles and adding value to your home, installing a carport that blends with your home’s exterior design will add to the aesthetic look of your home.

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