Why You Should Build Bird Houses In Your Backyard


A nest box or nesting house, more commonly referred to as a birdhouse, is a small enclosed box provided specifically for birds to nest in. Nest boxes are often used for many birds, including pigeons, cardinals, and wrens. Nesting boxes may also be used as an educational tool to teach children about the life cycles of birds.

Here are reasons why you should build bird houses in your backyard:

Increase Your Property’s Appeal and Value

With the onset of the winter season and warmer weather, birdhouses are in the spotlight of backyard decorating. Building a bird house is just as essential for your birds as it is for them to be comfortable. It also brings beauty and value to your outdoor space.

Also, the color of your bird house can help decide whether or not it’s appropriate for your garden. Birds tend to associate different colors with different types of terrain, which can help you choose the best color that’ll make your garden look attractive.

You can also take the advice of a landscape designer as they know how to design your garden, making your bird house look appealing. However, if you don’t have anyone to help you out, you can still find online websites that provide step-by-step instructions, helping you create your own design. If you’ll be buying ready-made, just make sure to invest in quality bird houses and baths.

colorful bird house

Help In Wildlife Conservation

You can place bird houses in areas that’ll attract more birds, such as along the path, in the backyard, or even in places where you have other birds living, such as a treehouse. It’s a great way to help conserve birds.

Bird houses help birds build nests for their young in winter. When you build bird houses, you can also build small bird feeders on the edges of your garden since these are ideal places to collect birdseed.

Provide Children A Chance To Interact With Birds

Having bird houses in your garden will also give your children a chance to interact with their birds and learn how to care for them. They can help their pets clean and groom them, which they may not have the patience to do during warmer seasons.

You can use this opportunity to teach your children about the importance of caring for these animals. You can also teach them how to be creative when designing their own houses.

Durable Home For Your Bird Pets

Most people prefer to use nesting boxes or bird houses instead of bird cages or bird feeders because the former is more highly durable and animal-friendly. Also, bird houses are more aesthetically pleasing, adding value to your exterior and they’re often smaller than a larger cage.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on building a durable bird house: 

  • Important Considerations: The first step is to determine where your bird is nesting. Some birds tend to gather in large areas while others will do their business in a smaller space. You’ll also need to consider how many birds you have. This is because some birds may need a lot of room to build their nests and others will not.

Also, make sure that the building area and bird house are free from leaves, twigs, and other debris so that your bird can easily access their food and water.

  • Prepare Tools And Materials: Once you determine where you’ll build your bird house or nesting box, you should prepare the building tools and materials.

Bird houses can be made from wood, metal, plastic, or even cardboard. Wood and plastic are usually less expensive than other materials and are easier to work with. Also, the best choice is always a wooden box or a metal box.

Also, you’ll need plywood, a drill, screws, wood glue, and any decorative items that’ll add to the look of your birdhouse.

  • Lighting: Once the boxes have been assembled and placed in their proper spots, you should set up some type of lighting so that you’ll be able to see the box.
  • Security and Adequate Ventilation: One important part of building a bird house is making sure the bird house or building is secure and has adequate ventilation so that the eggs don’t get spoiled.

When they’re finished building their nests, you’ll need to put them back on the ground and check them regularly to ensure they’re healthy. If a new baby is ready to leave the nest, you should remove it carefully so that no one will get into the structure. If you are keeping a pet bird inside your home, read our guide on How to Keep Your House Clean With Pet Birds & Parrots.


Besides having great aesthetic value, bird houses are durable and have many practical uses, especially when you need to warm your pets during harsh winters. It’ll also provide them the privacy they need during the summer.

Building bird houses is also a way to educate your children about birds and wildlife conservation.

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