Why Vinyl Windows are the Right Choice for Residents of Calgary

High-quality vinyl windows will help you save money and energy over the lifetime of your home. When looking to replace your existing vinyl windows, making an investment in the right windows matters. From brand to style and features, Window Mart has everything you could ever need.

In fact, some of the very best high-quality vinyl window brands are found right here in Calgary, Alberta. At Window Mart we have a range of vinyl window solutions to perfectly match the needs of any home, business or project. Another thing worth trying out is Retractable Awning Replacement Fabric.

Not sure if now is the right time to invest in window replacements? Check out this guide from Mike “Holmes on Homes” in Canada to learn more.

Maintenance-Free Windows

Vinyl windows Calgary come in a wide array of colours, styles, and finishes that are guaranteed to brighten up and compliment any home or business. Window Mart’s selection of vinyl windows are maintenance free and are insulated, thermally efficient, and sturdy. Whether you need an awning, casement window, hung window, slider window, picture window, or bay and bow windows, vinyl is the way to go. Vinyl versions of the aforementioned styles are energy efficient, low-maintenance, attractive, durable, and affordable.

Why You Need to Choose Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have risen in popularity over the years because of their stylish look, convenience, durability, and because of their ability to be a highly energy efficient and affordable window. These high-quality windows save homeowners money in the long run because of their energy-efficient and low-maintenance design. Vinyl is a sturdy material that will take a beating from any kind of weather without the need for being repaired or refinished over the years.

Superior Thermal Performance

Homeowners, builders, and contractors all prefer vinyl windows because of their superior thermal performance. And when paired with Low-E glass, warm-edge spacers, and a speciality window frame with a multi-chamber system, vinyl windows Calgary become the number one choice for local Calgary residents.

Vinyl windows have been shown to outperform aluminium windows when it comes to preventing and reducing heat loss. Aluminium windows conduct heat rapidly, which makes the temperature difficult to control in a house throughout the many seasons of the year.

Homeowners should be aware, though, that the energy efficiency and quality of vinyl windows varies depending on the manufacturer, glazing, frame material, and insulation, among others. In researching vinyl windows for your home, it’s best to select windows that are certified by Energy Star in order to ensure that you are purchasing the best energy-efficient windows for your home.

Another way to ensure the energy-efficiency of your home is to have your new vinyl windows professionally installed. Most do-it-yourselfers do not realize that if a window is not installed properly, air can pass through the frame, making even the most energy-efficient, high-quality vinyl window ineffective.


Today, vinyl windows Calgary come in a wide array of designs and colours. Some of the best, cutting-edge designs in vinyl windows can readily be seen adorning the buildings of local architecture. These windows are not only visually appealing, but also durable, fade-resistant, and can be customized to flawlessly match the existing design of your interior and exterior.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows have risen in popularity because of their low-maintenance construction. A simple dusting or washing with a mild detergent can make them sparkle just like new. While vinyl is quick and easy to clean, wood frames, in comparison, require more upkeep in order to prevent fading, rotting, and splintering. Wood or metal frames will also need frequent repairing and repainting when compared to weather-resistant vinyl windows.  Check out great options from cladding warrnambool as well.

Budget Friendly

Vinyl windows are far superior when it comes to an affordable option for home renovations or new construction projects. Because vinyl windows don’t need a lot of maintenance and are energy-efficient, homeowners will see valuable savings on their home energy bills in the long-run. The durability and weather resistance of vinyl windows will serve homeowners well over the years.


Quality vinyl windows will be constructed of 100 percent lead-free uPVC powder compound. This safe, yet strong, environmentally sustainable material is second-to-none in resisting moisture, fading, and physical impact. Vinyl window frames made of uPVC will not warp, blister, or crack over time, and are guaranteed to perform well against Canada’s ever-changing weather patterns.

Find the Perfect Vinyl Windows for Your Home or Business Today!

If you are looking to replace your existing windows with the best vinyl windows in Calgary, AB, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Window Mart today for a free estimate. The simple act of replacing your old windows for high-performing vinyl windows from Window Mart is the best decision you will make as a homeowner.