Why Use a Wok Instead of a Frying Pan?


When it comes to cooking utensils, there are plenty of options available. One of these options is the wok and the Frying pan. While a frying pan is flat surfaced, a wok is curved. People have not yet noticed the difference and which one is better than the other. Lots of factors come into consideration and in this article, you will know why use a wok instead of a frying pan. Check every section well so that you make the appropriate decision before deciding which one to buy.

Cook Many Kinds of Foods with a Wok 

Unlike a frying pan that cooks only soft foods, a wok can take up anything that you throw at it. Frying pans are better at cooking eggs because you don’t want them to break. A wok can literally cook any kind of food as long as you know how to use the wok. 

Just learn how to cook the kind of food you have using a wok and you will be able to cook it. A frying pan is only for limited type of foods like eggs and soft meat but it is hard to cook even rice using a frying pan.

A wok is roomy than a Frying pan 

Owing to the curved bottom of the wok, you will find that it accommodates a lot of foods. This means even when you have a lot of friends, you can just make a single cooking and it would be sufficient to feed all the group. 

A pan is very superficial and you may need to cook several times if you have plenty of people to feed. For that reason, you should find better having a wok than having a frying pan. This is the cooking tool that you need to have at all times. 

With a Wok You Can Use Any Type of Oils 

A wok is designed to tolerate plenty types of oils. This means you are not restricted to using only one type of oil. Just make sure you use the oils that are appropriate for your food. You don’t have to compromise your cooking simple because your cooking material doesn’t accept certain oils. 

A wok can tolerate up to more than five types of cooking oils. Most frying pans burn so quickly even at low temperatures compared to the woks that withstand a lot of cooking heat. 

Most oils that have a low burning points are not good for both woks and frying pans so you need to choose oils that have a high burning point. A wok is robust as long as it is well-taken care of and well stored after every cooking. Always prevent it from rusting and burning if you want to get the best service from it. 

If You Want a Tool You Can Use On All Cooking

Do you know that for you to cook potatoes in a pan, you first need to make sure they have been pre-cooked by another source? This is like doing two jobs at a time. To save yourself from such, you can just get a wok. You will be able to cook potatoes and hard vegetables without pre-cooking. 

A pan is ideal for soft foods that are cooked quickly and easily. If you want to be cooking food that will need a lot of stirring, then you need to have a wok. You will be able turn your food, swirl whenever you need and also add other foods when need be. A frying pan limits you from doing such type of cooking.

A Wok Distributes Heat Perfectly Leading to Excellent Cooking 

The importance of excellent heat distribution should be mentioned when talking about cooking utensils. A wok is curved meaning the heat distributes in all directions making the food to cook uniformly and get ready uniformly. This is the best way to ensure you increase the cooking standards because you will not spend a lot of time turning the food or swirling to get proper heating. A well-seasoned wok will cook appropriately as compared to a wok that is not well seasoned.  As long as the wok is well seasoned, your food will perfectly cook. 

Woks Are Meant to Perform the Hard Tasks 

When you want to cook plenty of things, you wouldn’t like to use something that can burn along the way. A wok is sufficient enough to enable you cook even the whole day without the wok being ruined. It can be used in functions and gatherings where there is a lot of cooking to be done. Always make sure you clean it well and store it well, you will be able to enjoy great cooking experience from the wok at all times. Most woks are made to withstand a lot of heat so they cannot easily melt.

Frying Pan is Not Durable 

Compared to a wok, you might end up needing a new frying pan within the shortest time possible. This means you have to make the best decision to get a wok at the very beginning. When you get a wok, it can withstand high temperatures and also can cook for long without thinning easily. Frying pans are just meant to fry small foods that don’t need a lot of time on the heat. With that, you will be able to enjoy excellent outcomes and still it will serve you for longer than you anticipate.


A wok is better than a frying pan because of its advanced reliability when it comes to cooking. You can place it on high temperatures every day and it will never tear easily like the ways frying pans do. Cook lots of food in the wok, it will never disappoint but for frying pans, you only have to cook a limited amount of food which is not good at all. Always make sure you have the best cleaning procedure for the wok so that it stays clean and efficient throughout. When you need it for cooking, it should be already seasoned. 

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