Why Upgrading Your Home Windows is a Great Investment


Windows of good quality and in good condition allow you to protect your home from external conditions, both in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation, thus promoting greater comfort.

When there are dated fixtures in the house, dating back to the year of construction, drafts, condensation, humidity and sudden temperature changes can happen; you should consider investing in high-quality windows and replacing the old ones.

Let’s discuss the main reasons that should push you in this direction.

Improve the thermal comfort of the house.

How often have you wondered why there is a lower temperature in the house than outside in winter and higher in summer? One of the main reasons is linked to the poor quality of the windows.

The absence of a good frame, double glazing, and proper insulation will force you to spend a lot of money on heating and cooling systems, raising the electricity or gas bills (or other solutions adopted). Therefore, changing the old fixtures and upgrading to new wooden sash windows will improve the thermal comfort of the house and help you in terms of economic savings.

Increase the market value of the property.

Structural elements, such as fixtures, tend to significantly influence the value of the real estate market, as do other characteristics, such as square meters, the number of rooms and so on.

If you are the property owner, changing the old fixtures or windows with high-energy performance models will increase the economic value of the same. For example, a property with a high energy class, therefore capable of guaranteeing considerable savings in their bills to those who live there, tends to have a higher selling price.

Improve the aesthetic appearance of the property.

The fixtures, especially windows and shutters, are not only structural elements, but they also have a vital aesthetic role. Also visible from the outside, good quality fixtures tend to improve the appearance of the building, villa or apartment, becoming an architectural element of primary importance.

If you have old wooden or aluminium window frames, now obsolete and perhaps even ruined, we strongly recommend that you replace them, focusing on models capable of blending the practical and functional aspects with the aesthetic ones.

You can install Venetian blinds instead of curtains.

The good-quality windows are equipped with double glazing. This detail makes the difference in terms of thermal insulation, but it also offers a possibility that, perhaps, you have not yet evaluated.

In fact, by changing the old windows with new models equipped with double glazing, you can decide to install Venetian blinds inside the double glazing. It is an innovative, practical and functional solution, but also aesthetically very pleasant, offering many advantages, including avoiding dust accumulation and better managing natural light within the rooms.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you should consider changing your old windows and installing new ones. With new good-quality windows, you can make an investment that pays for itself quickly, improve thermal comfort in the home, increase the property’s value.

Replacing windows brings more natural light into the home.

Compared to the old windows, the frames of the profiles of the new windows are much narrower. This is why most modern windows have a larger glass surface and let more daylight into the interior than windows with a wide profile frame.

As a result, many rooms appear brighter, more spacious and welcoming. This is especially advantageous in older houses or apartments with rather small rooms. Or in the bathroom, which usually only has a window with a small glass surface.

Replacing the windows promotes a good night’s rest.

Standard triple-glazed windows already offer much better noise protection than double-glazed windows. Improving sound insulation is a good measure if you are sensitive to noise, have difficulty sleeping, or live on a busy street.

Modern soundproof windows are high-tech products and achieve sound insulation values ​​of up to 44%. This means they protect up to 85% better against noise than double-glazed windows.

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