Why Solar Energy Is More Affordable Than You Think

Many know of the amazing benefits that solar energy brings. Not only does it help cut down electricity bills tremendously, it also allows energy independence and full control over your bills and access as well as helps preserve the environment. Contact trusted Arizona solar companies to know more about the benefits of using solar energy in your home.

But what’s stopping the majority from making the switch is the (dated) belief that solar panels are extremely expensive. Thinking it will cost tens of thousands just to install the panels, many have put off the thought indefinitely. Instead, they continue to endure the ever-increasing price hikes that power companies slap unto them.

What if we tell you that is not the case? Sure, solar power used to be rather costly – 10 years ago. However, with the continual research and development poured onto it backed by the government, technology has evolved over the years rendering the cost of solar panels to be reduced tremendously. Nowadays, not only is the cost of it cheaper but the efficiency of solar panels are also 10 folds better than how they were when first introduced.

Combined that with the training programs available for solar panel installation, the solar market has became more competitive than it was a decade ago which again, is good news for us consumers. This is because unlike fossil fuels that are monopolised by a few companies, the choices and selection for solar are much wider and price-competitive.

So yes, not only has the initial cost of panels became much lower, the competition amongst solar installers also mean that installing a solar system is so much more affordable nowadays. But it doesn’t stop there.

The government has actually implemented an Australia solar rebates program where generous incentives are offered to those eligible in a bid to help reduce the cost of solar panel installation. Found eligible, it can even be a $0-upfront-cost case in your situation where there is no out-of-pocket cost on your part. Check out if you are eligible and see how much you can save today.