Why Should You Clean Your Exterior Windows?


It might be your least favourite chore, but it’s not the least important: cleaning your outdoor windows is an often overlooked job that has fantastic benefits – our favourite being the feeling of satisfaction and optimism gained from looking out of a sparkling clean window.

We’re not going to attempt to convince you that cleaning your exterior windows is a dire task that requires absolute and immediate attention: that’s simply not true. Window washers would make a lot more money if it was. However, it is a job that can lead to troubles and headaches down the line if neglected, particularly for homeowners.

Failing to clean your exterior windows doesn’t just reflect poorly on your home – it can also result in some hefty expenses, namely, replacing said windows at a later date. Allowing dirt and other particles of debris to collect on your windows can damage them and cause everything from leaks to deterioration in some instances. Window cleaning and maintenance are particularly important for houses in areas with severe weather phenomena such as wind, rain, and snow.

Acid Rain & Your Window Pane

Window cleaning used to simply relate to upkeep and status. (“Look at the Jones’s with their sparkling panes! What a top-notch family.”) But these days, it has more to do with acid rain. Acid rain has been linked to carbon emissions and damages more than just our natural environment: over time, consistent exposure to acid rain has been demonstrated to cause the degradation of otherwise stable materials, such as glass.

Acid rain leeches alkaline ions from glass, which eventually causes the precipitation of insoluble salts. All of this is a fancy way of saying it could cause your windows to become clouded, misty, or covered in unsightly and stubborn water spots over time if they are not properly cleaned.

Nobody Likes a Leak

Another important but rarely discussed reason to clean your windows ensuring that you are regularly checking their seals and frames while you’re at it. An improperly installed window could easily become an escape for hot or cool air, depending on the season: save on your utility bill by making sure that you examine your windows for any potential issues that might cause a leak. Look for missing sealant, broken caulking, gaping or otherwise incongruent spaces between the panes, the frame, the glass and the house, and rotting wood anywhere in the area.

Many homeowners (and even renters) fail to notice leaky windows because, frankly, a lot of people don’t give their windows much thought. We take their advantages for granted and get used to looking through them rather than at them! For this reason, we recommend cleaning your windows a minimum of twice a year, as the weather changes: once in the spring, and once in the fall. When the temperature rises or drops, your house is more likely to shift and reveal any leaky windows or frames.

Allowing your windows to accumulate dirt and grime is also a surefire way to miss any scratches or cracks that could need repair. Repairing glass before the severe temperature changes that come with different seasons is the best way to prevent the damage from spreading. Cracks or even chips in your windows could be easily exacerbated by the expansion and contraction of the glass.

Curb Appeal

Lastly, one of the most important reasons to keep your outdoor windows clean is curb appeal. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, an easy trick to upgrade the appearance of your home is regular window cleaning. You may not think that it makes a difference, but it’s the subtlety that counts. Not to mention, regular window cleaning prevents the often sneaky build-up of particles that can cause windows to become less clear.  Keep in mind that this won’t necessarily work if you fail to maintain the rest of your property – which is why we also recommend pressure washing your siding and concrete.

Clean and well-maintained windows give the impression of a competent and confident resident who appreciates the value of their house and knows how to sustain it. Taking the time to prioritize cleaning your windows demonstrates that you care about your property. Dirty, dusty, muddy, spotty, and otherwise unkempt windows shout “The people who live here are low maintenance!” and may drive away potential home buyers. Imagine walking into a home that you’re considering buying that has all of the features you’re looking for… But the lighting is poor because the windows are dirty!

Clean Windows for a Happy Home

As we stated earlier, our favourite reason for cleaning your windows is the bright and optimistic effect that it has on the ambiance of your home. Keeping clean windows is the best way to let the light in – enjoy the effect of your clean and clear windows today!

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