Why Repair Services is Necessary for Damp Basements?


Basement services in Winston-Salem include basement mold remediation, asbestos removal, wet basement waterproofing, and more. The basement presents many opportunities for damage and decay due to standing water, but not all basements need repair. A basement with only a few rooms, small equipment, and no structural damage might not require the services of a basement waterproofing company.

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Foundation Repair Services

In most cases, basement repair services in Winston-Salem involve trenchless wall excavations and foundation repair. Winston-Salem basement waterproofing company will prevent any basement from being dry and safe. A water-absorbent core is placed within the walls for protection from the inside. In most cases, your local foundation repair company can perform these two tasks for you. They do charge a reasonable rate.


Most basement owners in Winston-Salem experience dampness due to standing water or condensation on the interior. This is usually accompanied by mold growth. The moisture causes the mold spores to grow faster than they can be killed by light. Mold remediation is a costly project for most homeowners. Most basement owners simply do not have the resources to do the necessary maintenance.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Condensation can cause basement mold and mildew growth. Even if the basement insulation is intact, condensation between walls and floors can form holes and leaky places that allow moisture to get inside and attach itself to the wood framing and wood-based interior finish.

Damaged or failing basement insulation allows air to get in between the walls and floor, allowing moisture to build up. Excess moisture vaporizes as it rises and cools, leaving behind wet soil that must be cleaned up. Repairing the basement insulation may prolong the life of your home, but more often than not, basement mold removal is the more effective solution.

Reduce Infiltration of Condensation

In cases where condensation has formed, without damage to the basement wall or flooring, a basement waterproofing product can help control the moisture. Basement wall framing can be replaced with plywood or particleboard boards that can’t expand and contract when dampened and saturated.

Insulation layers may also be added between the interior of the walls and the exterior of the roof, which will reduce infiltration of condensation and increase thermal efficiency. In these conditions, waterproofing products such as crack compound, waterproofing spray, and mold inhibitor may be needed to protect the wall structure from mold growth.

Standing Water

Standing water, regardless of whether it originates from an external water source or leaks within the home, can also damage your basement. Standing water can also trigger basement mold remediation. If your basement is connected to the sump pump and pipes, you will need to have this water inspected for leaks. If you have an older sump pump with no pressure relief tubes, you may need to call a basement waterproofing company to install an isolation device, which is a rubberized sleeve attached to the sump pump to prevent water entry.

There are other potential sources of moisture, including excess humidity caused by faulty ventilation systems and faulty heating systems. These can be corrected with a qualified technician or with simple fixes, such as removing or repairing windows, doors, or windows to improve airflow. Repair services for damp basements can also include addressing roof issues and repair work on doors or window frames. Most of these services provide the guarantee that they won’t leave water stains or spots, and that they will perform all work on your home if needed. They can help to restore your home to its original condition.

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