Why Murphy Beds Are Better Than Other Ordinary Beds



A Murphy bed is simply a foldable bed. It is also called a wall bed. When it’s folded up, a space underneath the bed is created. It is best for those who like to maximize space in their home.


As stated above, it saves space. It is practical, especially when you have little space or when you are kind of deprived of space in your house. And sometimes, you will never know you need extra space until you have a Murphy bed. Little do you know, your guest room will be transformed into a living space without a trace of being a bedroom. You could also have a gym room in your house, which you can install your Murphy bed and turn it into a guest room. You may also want a Murphy bed for your kids where they can sleep at night and turn the same room into a study room during day time.

Murphy beds are made of wood usually. Some companies offer laminate, MDF, or particle board but, some companies, on the other hand, offer 100% real wood. Unlike other beds, which are made of nickel, laminate, MDF, or particle board, Murphy beds are more durable and sturdy. So long as you assemble it right, then you don’t have to worry about creaking sounds made by your beds when you just move a little bit. This furniture of high quality is available almost anywhere.


Some companies offer a single-sized Murphy bed. But, some offer different sizes, from queen size to twin size. Also, others offer queen horizontal and queen vertical, and twin horizontal and twin vertical if you are that customer who needs a different arrangement in your room.

Queen-sized vertical Murphy beds usually weigh sixty (60) lbs, plus half the weight of your mattress. Queen-sized horizontal Murphy beds usually weigh sixty-three (63) lbs, plus half the weight of your mattress. Twin vertical Murphy beds usually weigh forty (40) lbs, plus half the value of your mattress. Lastly, twin horizontal Murphy beds usually weigh forty-eight (48) lbs plus half the weight of your mattress.


Most of the companies which offer Murphy bed offer Unfinished, Natural Finish, and Walnut Finish Murphy beds.

Unfinished Murphy beds are those cabinet-grade baltic birch plywood. The good thing about this kind of Murphy bed is that you could choose what paint color you have in mind. Maybe you could paint it together with your kids on a Saturday or a sunny day. They are ready for any paint. Also, you do not need sanding as it is already smooth enough. But, you could still sand it as you wish it to be smoother.

Natural Finish Murphy beds are one which is water-based finish. It has a semi-gloss finish. The natural golden glow of the cabinet grade baltic birch plywood beds is being highlighted with these Murphy beds.

Lastly, the Walnut Finish. Walnut Finish Murphy bed is also water-based. But it is made of walnut stain, which is a bit glossy on top. The panels are made of bare wood, which means that you can save hundreds of dollars on the bed. If you wish to make the edges match the walnut faces, some companies offer simple DIY wipes along with the Murphy bed they offer.


Instructions on how to assemble your Murphy bed will be emailed to you upon purchase but, some companies include the manual in the package upon delivery.

You will only need a power drill in assembling your Murphy bed. Online retailers sell them for thirty (3) dollars or less. Word-working skill is not required. You can even assemble the bed on your own. It will just take you from four (4) to six (6) hours if you wish to do it on your own. But, if you have someone with you to assemble it, it will only take two (2) to four (4) hours.


Some companies offer Murphy beds on their websites. You have to fill in details after choosing your desired design and then proceed to payment. They provide you with the wood for the bed itself, all the screws, locks, hinges, and even mattress retention strap. A purchase of Murphy bed also comes with assembly instructions. But, some companies email you the assembly instructions for safe-keeping purposes.

Considering that it is a bed that you are going to purchase, it is expected that the package is bigger than you think. Of course, it is made of wood. But, some companies offer lower fees for freight. And, they assure you that you will receive your Murphy bed at your doorstep without any damage.

Delivery charge usually cost ninety-nine (99) dollars if you are within the contiguous United States, which typically takes from three (3) to seven (7) business days; and three hundred forty-nine (349) dollars if you are from Canada, which usually takes from seven (7) to twenty-one (21) business days.

Some companies also offer change of orders and cancellation of orders. You have to contact your seller as soon as possible through phone calls or email. You have to, of course, inform them of the changes or the reason for the cancellation. Note that you cannot cancel your order once it has already been shipped.


Some companies are confident that you will surely love what they offer; otherwise, they are willing to return your money should you wish to return the Murphy bed for the reason that it did not meet your expectation as to durability and other factors. These companies usually give you sixty (60) days to initiate the return. They also offer lifetime support if anything happens to your Murphy bed. So, you have sixty (60) days to decide whether the Murphy bed is the very same bed you hoped for. You have to email the company within the sixty (60)-day period provided for returns. You also have to pack the item using the original packaging securely. So, don’t you ever throw the boxes. As long as the bed is in the same condition as when you received it, you will be suitable for return.

Some companies offer a lifetime warranty. So, if the sixty (60)-day replacement and return period has lapsed, you need not worry as some companies offer a lifetime warranty. Just be sure that the damage was not caused by abuse, improper assembly, or modifications to the structure of the Murphy bed.

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