Why Mornington Peninsula Locksmiths Say to Replace Your Locks on New Homes

You might be moving into your new house, so you are all ready and excited. With all your furniture and other stuff that has arrived, you have started with arranging them into place, forgetting some very basic yet extremely vital activities of which replacing old locks with new ones are of utmost importance. Immediately the question arises as to where is the need. Major locksmiths working in Mornington Peninsula answers this question with the following reasons:

Someone else can have the keys:

As suggested by locksmiths in Mornington Peninsula, the experience of your new home can turn bitter if you don’t get hold of fresh locks. They have come with the fact that it can be very well possible that the keys of the previous locks have been widely circulated around.

You may not know whether a maidservant or caretaker might be having the keys. So as advised, the very first thing to do when moving into a new house is to replace the locks.

Invalidates the claim of insurance: 

Another important reason to change locks, as pointed by Mornington Peninsula Locksmiths is in case of any theft or burglary. Suppose if that thief or burglar already has your home keys, he or she will be able to enter your home and ransack everything easily, and you may not even claim for insurance.

For many, insurances may be invalidated due to lack of any sign of forced entry, which should be the basic sign for theft. And even if it agreed upon, the entire process will be taking a lot of time. Thus why go for such a mess when a simple lock can save you from the entire mess.

The locks may be master keyed: 

A very common behaviour of home builders picked up by the locksmith of the Mornington Peninsula is that home builders always keep a master key that can open all locks of that particular house. Now the point is home builders do not only have a single house under them; they deal with a lot of them at the same time.

He or she may have misplaced your keys, and you won’t even know with whom it might be lying. Your builder can mistakenly give your home keys to someone else. In such cases, the result of negligence may be quite serious.

Locks might be damaged: 

Before entering the new house, you might have no idea in what condition the locks might be working. Now everyone in general almost expects that with a new house, new locks are to be arriving.

Thus keeping this in mind, the home builder might not even inform you of the condition of the previous locks, now there can be a full possibility that the last ones are broken or damaged, etc. And with the fact that you are totally unaware of the situation, you might have to pay a heavy price for it.

Gives peace of mind: 

Last but not least, one cannot ignore the feeling of self-satisfaction, a reason gave much importance to the locksmiths of this place. The very thought that you have yourself checked multiple times and brought a lock for your new home is much satisfying and contending.

These will give better sleep and peacefulness. But if its unsureness you are dwelling in, then honestly peace of mind is not one that can be enjoyed.

These are the most important reasons as to why changing locks in new homes are a must for each and every one. There are many more reasons applicable for each instance, but these are the five reasons common to all.