Why More Australians Are Turning To Solar Power


Solar energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source in the world. Considering all the benefits accrued from solar installations, it’s not surprising. In Australia, coal and oil still hold the lion’s share in the nation’s energy production. However great leaps have been made to switch to renewable sources like solar. Currently, plans are under way to build the largest solar farm in the world. The farm is projected to supply the national grid with exports to Singapore via the longest submarine power cable. Although construction is set to begin in 2023, Australians are already making moves to switch to solar power and here is why more australians are turning to solar power.

Cost Benefits

The cost of electricity in Australia is high. It ranks in the top 30 most expensive electricity prices in the world. Moreover, the prices are vulnerable to the global oil price changes. Solar energy is a cheap alternative and both households and utility companies are embracing it. The lifetime cost of solar power systems is extremely low. The biggest cost is on installation but finance options are available to buyers. Over the years, solar power has become an inexpensive option for Australians and this explains the surge of household installations from 3.9% in 2016 to 12% in 2020. Many Australians are looking to save on utilities and solar offers a great alternative.


Solar energy is the most accessible form of renewable energy. Although peak sunlight hours vary between locations, the sun still rises and sets everywhere. Solar energy allows homeowners to build anywhere across Australia. Off-grid households are increasing around the country and homeowners are exploring new settlement areas. Over the years, solar technology has also become more accessible. You can shop for equipment from any distributor and request for installation on online platforms. Moreover advanced technology has made energy harvesting more efficient and affordable.

Going Green

Global warming has received a lot of international attention and many people are getting involved in the efforts aimed at curbing the effects. Australians in particular have witnessed the effects of global warming first hand with the recent wildfires in the country. As a result, more people are going green with solar energy. Solar installations reduce the carbon footprint per household. As more homes go green the effect is bound to be felt on a global scale.

Government Incentives

Going green with solar energy is of great benefit to the government hence the push to get solar panels into as many households as possible.  The government offers numerous incentives to solar users. The federal government offers subsidies for solar panels reducing the upfront cost of solar power systems by approximately 30%. The subsidy, also called the Small-scale Technology Certificate, is the most valuable solar energy subsidy available. State governments also offer rebates and incentives but these vary with location. Finally electricity retailers offer the feed- in tariff, a credit made on the electricity bill as a result of the excess power fed into the grid from your solar power system.

It’s Trendy

No one wants to be left out in the new trend of going green with solar energy. Influencers, multibillion corporations and governments have created a large following for solar energy enthusiasts and now it’s a trendy alternative. Some Australians are riding the wave and installing solar power systems in their households. Few installations within a community are enough to set off a domino effect and get everyone buying solar panels.

Over the next few years solar energy will be the new norm in Australia. The number of households getting solar power systems is increasing by the day.

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