Why it’s Time You Stop Asking Friends to Help You Move


Whether you’ve found a new job, are upsizing to fit your growing family, or just looking for a fresh start, moving day is on its way.

Before it arrives, you might call your friends for help in exchange for pizza and beer, but you aren’t in college anymore. Free food isn’t as appealing as it was as a freshman, and you own a lot more stuff to lug around.

They don’t want to spend their weekend helping you move, but more importantly, you don’t want them to help either. Here’s why:

They Aren’t Professionals

Your friends have day jobs as accountants, IT professionals, and customer service reps. While they may be experts in their field, they may not know the safe or efficient way to carry your valuable belongings.

That’s because they aren’t professional movers. Not like the crew that make up Metropolitan Movers, an award-winning moving company that makes short work of residential moves like yours.

Chicago professional movers, movers rely on years of experience, knowledge of the trade, and specialized equipment to move you safely and efficiently. They also provide services your friends won’t, like packing before the big day, junk removal, and storage.

They Could Hurt Themselves or Damage Something

Think of that solid wood bookshelf set or that antique armoire you own. Now consider all the boxes you’ll eventually fill with heavy books and kitchen equipment. These things are heavy and cumbersome to maneuver through narrow doorways, around corners, and down staircases.

Now picture this:

With a shout, your friend drops their end of that antique armoire. They’ve thrown their back out because they didn’t know how to lift properly, and now your hardwood floor and armoire are sporting twin dents from their sudden collision.

This situation is totally avoidable by hiring a local residential mover who knows the best way to handle heavy and awkward furniture. These professionals train carefully to move you safely in a way that protects your property.

In the unlikely event something goes wrong, the professionals are licensed and insured to protect everyone (and everything) involved.

It Could Ruin Relationships

Moving is stressful, even if you manage to avoid injuries and damages. Taxing physical exertion under time constraints creates a recipe for disaster.

All that pressure can bubble over and cause friction between your friends. Someone might snap and say something they regret, and while you’ll probably apologize and makeup, there’s a chance this frays your relationship for good.

You can neatly sidestep these arguments by calling the professionals and not your friends when it comes time to move. The switch from pals to pros will save more than just your friendships. Professionals come with the assurance of a job well done.

They know how to care for your belongings to make sure they arrive at your new home in perfect condition. But more importantly, they give you the peace of mind that your move is in good hands. So don’t ask friends on moving day, take the time to find a local moving company to help you instead.

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