Why is it more profitable to play small bets in a casino?

Is it better to play small or big stakes? That’s not just a question of first-time players. Does the casino principle of “ride slowly, ride farther” apply? How to play with the most profit in yoju casino 2021

What exactly does the software of major take into account?

Big developers’ software is really complicated. It tracks not only all financial actions but also all parameters that reflect player’s psychology :

  • How the player behaves after a big win,
  • How do they act with their money,
  • How much money is there in their account,
  • Have they ever had a big winning, etc?

Multiple factors make up a formula that determines the slot’s “generosity” in real-time. And the value of the average bet in this system is one of the essential elements. One player may fund $20,000 a week and play for $200 per spin, while another deposits the same amount and bet $20 per round. What do you think? Can the software take it into account? Modern software considers everything, knows everything, and gives and takes money “wisely”.

Small bets are profitable

According to statistics, small stakes may be more profitable than playing large bets. Experienced gamblers and bonus hunters will confirm this statement. Still, there are a few things to consider.

The ratio of amount in the account to bets

Moving on to another important parameter – the amount of money in the account. You’ve probably noticed that high-stakes gambling with a small bankroll (say $10 on a $100 bankroll) results in a minimal window of opportunity for winning big money. So the rest of the money just gets wiped out. Why? Because the software knows: you are ready to lose everything, and there is not much to lose.

The exception may be a strong “skewness” in the direction of negative mathematical expectations for the player. If a gambler loses a lot at a distance, the slot can give a nice reward even when playing, not according to bankroll. Hence another conclusion: the higher the bankroll ratio, the higher the probability of a big win.


You have $10,000 of bankroll, and you bet $10 per spin. A ratio of 1,000:1 is a lot. In this case, the software goes something like this: aha, a player has some money, but bets are small. Let me give them some money, so they fell into excitement, raised bets, and eventually bet everything. That’s how it all works: simple calculation and psychology.

When a player wins a lot at once, they hope to continue winning soon. Therefore, it is worth listening to your rational side in these situations. If the bankroll is doubled – it is enough, you can withdraw.

To summarize

Playing with minimum or low stakes is indeed more profitable. But several parameters must be respected: the account balance must be very substantial (at least 200 average bets), the initial deposit (and the previous ones) must be large (starting from $1,000), and the account itself must ideally belong to a high or a “flooded” high roller.

The system wants to everything, player behavior. But we can adjust its behavior to our advantage. Take advantage of this.