Why Is It Important to Maintain Air Ducts


Every home essentially needs good indoor air quality. That’s why, air ducts are there to regulate and transport the air to each room of the house for the occupants to live comfortably. However, air ducts can become filthy as time passes, leading to unhealthy conditions for house residents. Cleaning these ducts may be a burdensome task, but it’s necessary. Delaying doing this work will only make matters worse, and soon enough, you’re looking at a major home problem. So, here are the importance of cleaning your air ducts.

Cleaner Home

A cleaner environment is a result of clean air ducts. Dirty ducts carry millions of tiny dirt and dust particles that move through the air and will ultimately settle on your furniture. You would probably not be okay with contaminants lining your chairs, desk, and sofa, which means that you must maintain your air ducts to live in a clean home. And since these are microscopic particles, you can’t simply glance at your furniture to discern if it’s unsanitary. You must put your trust in your air ducts, that they can convey the whole story and clean them periodically. 

However, furniture isn’t the only place these particles can fall into; imagine if they fall into your food or your beverage. Also, even if the air ducts are out of your kitchen’s way, you still can’t control where these dirt particles fall. They can quickly go from one area to another and rest on edible stuff. Don’t tolerate air duct contaminants and do regular maintenance on your air ducts.

Better Breathing

As cleaning air ducts remove lots of dirty particles from your stuff, you’re also clearing the air of them. Specks of dirt and dust permeate the air on the contrary and make it harder to breathe. People with allergies or asthma are terribly affected by dirty air. Unclean air causes coughing and other severe reactions. And although you don’t have asthma, your guests might, and you would want to give make stay the most comfortable if possible.

Some turn to air purifiers the moment the air has been polluted, and while it is an elective, it’s much better to look for a solution at the source, which is your air ducts. Additionally, it’s pretty dangerous to be under extended exposure to contaminants. Sure, you’ve plausibly inhaled polluted air before, but not for an extended period, but the air ducts in your home are permanent, and uncleaned ducts can lead to higher chances of infection. 

Eliminates Odors

Air duct maintenance also eliminates odors from your house. Your duct might be full of mildew and mold that scatter these gross particles in the air. Moreover, this air that doesn’t even smell great in the first place lingers and won’t fade away. No matter how you get rid of it, the nasty smell remains for long.

Some people also resort to air fresheners rashly, just as they do with air purifiers. And again, don’t take out your air freshener as your immediate response to a foul odor. Instead, check your air ducts and see if it has accumulated molds. You’d be shocked at how rancid mold can get, especially when you leave them unattended. Cleaning all this gunk will very likely get rid of that foul odor.

the inside of a pipe

Improves Air Flow

Molds also block the airflow through your air ducts. Its physical existence is sufficient to restrict airflow and keep valuable air from reaching every one of your house rooms. Molds keep the air ducts from increasing ventilation in your house, so you’ll want to clear this up pronto.

Old homes are particularly susceptible to this problem. There are stories about air ducts found in older homes that were unchecked for years, and after the new owners have moved in, it was thick with hostile debris. Luckily, you’ll likely identify this backup through smell before it becomes entirely stuck. 

Improves AC Efficiency

If your house has air ducts, then you also probably have an AC. These systems make an excellent pair as the AC unit produces cool air while the duct distributes it around your house. When you have clean air ducts, your AC can do its task much more efficiently. Due to the air traveling freely, the unit doesn’t need to work that hard to cool your house’s temperature. As such, you’ll save money on your utility bill as it consumes less electricity.

Also, there might even be a possibility that you’ll prefer not to use your AC at all. When your home feels unpleasant and sticky, you tend to turn your AC unit on to solve the problem immediately. And although this does work, it doesn’t necessarily arrive at the root of the matter. The original source of the issue might be the dirty air ducts. So rather than blowing the dust particles away by using your AC, clean your ducts and eliminate them. 

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