Why is it easier to sell your house to investors than realtors?


For people who want to sell their house due to foreclosure, selling to investors is a better option than traditional listing processes. Many people work with realtors to sell their assets, but it is much easier to sell to investors because they do not make the process complicated and challenging. During a foreclosure, a person undergoes a lot of trauma; therefore, it is advisable to contact investors to sell your house at a reasonable price. Investors don’t demand unnecessary repairs or house staging procedures.

On the other hand, realtors don’t want to work with people who have houses in dismal conditions, but on the other hand, if you contact an investor, they would purchase your home, not caring about the extent of the repair. Irrespective of whether you have burst pipes or caving roofs, they will buy your house and give you instant cash. Many Realtors do not work with people who have places in dilapidated condition due to mold damage, fire damage, or water damage, but with an investor, it is not an issue. You may contact Calgary real estate agents to understand home staging procedures if time is not a constraint for you.

The real estate agents will talk about home staging and give it primary importance. It refers to a process of decorating your house in a way to showcase its best aspects, to impress the buyers, and to sell the property at the highest price as fast as possible. Not every seller stages their homes. Hence it becomes very harassing to stage a house and keep it open for buyers. The entire procedure becomes lengthy.

The hassles of home staging

Home staging is a complicated process. When you have to deal with a relevant financial transaction like selling a house, you don’t wish to settle for a lesser price and long marketing period than you need to go through the home staging harassment. Relative to money and time, home staging is not a profitable project to undertake. You need to consult your real estate agent about home staging, and it becomes lengthy.  You can also consider options to sell your home fast as well.

Therefore, you may explore search engines by searching “we buy houses Calgary” to get in touch with the right investors who could give you instant cash.

Why is selling to investors more preferable?

It is easy to contact investors and sell your assets. They do not make the procedure complicated; instead, they try to ease out, and choose to buy homes for cash. In case of a foreclosure, you get a short time to sell your asset before the foreclosure gets completed. It would help if you sold it fast to investors to clear your debts with the lender. The time factor is essential during foreclosure. At times it becomes difficult to find a realtor who would sell your asset before the clock times out. The following benefits ease-out house selling procedures:

It is not mandatory to clean your house

When it comes to the realtors, the potential buyers search for new appliances that usually come with a new home. Even if you don’t want to buy new appliances, you have to ensure that your kitchen is clean and spotless. No one wishes to crumb piles and grease files on their new home. You should also ensure that the bathroom is clean, from the sink drain to the tub corners, so buyers don’t have any complaints. It is essential to make everything in your house look like it is entirely new. However, in the investors’ case, cleaning is not required; therefore, you can sell your asset and avoid foreclosure.

No need to depersonalize it

In the case of realtors, potential buyers need to envision themselves in the new home! Hence, you must remove all the family images, family member belongings, refrigerator art, and many more. It would be best if you placed away from all the toys and other things that create a personal touch in the house. Agents ask you to allow the potential buyers to browse through your home and imagine themselves in that space. However, investors are not interested in your home items. They see your house from a profit perspective and have nothing to do even if your house has personalized appeal.

No need to change the room dimension

Realtors ask sellers to define rooms and ensure that the space inside the room also has a purpose. It will assist the buyers in knowing how to leverage the home’s square footage. For instance, if there is a complete attic, you can transform it into an office. On the other hand, a finished basement can get transformed into an entertainment zone, and a junk room can get modified into an extra or guest bedroom. It would be best if you suggested to the buyers there are different ways to use a room. But they must see that each room has a usable space. However, investors will not look for buyers to sell your asset; they do it themselves. As such, you do not have to follow any rule book to appease buyers. Thus, you sell your house and get cash in a very hassle-free manner.

No home improvements required

A realtor harps that no individual wants to reside with a stained carpet, mostly when another person has made it untidy. They believe Linoleum is outdated and appears cheap. Even though it is a little costly, the hardwood floors add value and class to a house. It is also low-maintenance and offers long-term value, and best for buyers who have allergies. The common spaces like the kitchen, dining room and living should focus on using hardwood floors. They force up-gradation of bathroom flooring. As they feel it has less flooring area, and it won’t be costly for you. However, foreclosure causes emotional and financial trauma; therefore, you cannot take up home improvements at such a time.

On the other hand, investors do not ask for home improvements. They save time and money by making immediate purchases as you get cash without any home staging or convincing. They evaluate your property and price it accordingly.

Investors make cash payments. Therefore, you do not have to look for buyers or banks for loans. They make the purchase themselves, making the selling procedure so much easier for you. Investors even purchase homes in the worst market scenario, and a realtor would not do that. Thus, go for investors to sell your assets in a time crunch.

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