Why Is Hybrid Flooring So Popular?


Do you need a type of flooring that looks and feels like solid timber? Well, there is no need to look further because hybrid flooring is here. You can enjoy these elegant vinyl planks without worrying about their cost and maintenance. This cutting-edge flooring is considered the future of flooring. It is a combination of the best features of laminate and vinyl. This solid, durable flooring is not only functional, but it also looks beautiful. It is created from several layers pressed together, producing an exceptionally long-lasting, dependable, visually spectacular floor.

What Are the Different Layers of Hybrid Planks?

Hybrid planks are composed of multiple layers:

  1. Cork Backing – These are attached to the hybrid planks and often come with a pre-adhered acoustic backing to provide you with outstanding comfort. It can also save you some costs on the installation.
  2. Rigid Inner Core – An innovative layer that features a limestone composite core board. It is waterproof and is designed to withstand extreme temperature changes.
  3. Design Layer – The embellishing layer has a matching appearance of the genuine textures and styles of timber.
  4. Wear Layer – It is the protective UV-coated layer that offers durability and flexibility.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Flooring?

Aside from its stunning look, hybrid planks also provide tons of benefits:

  1. Waterproof – One of the greatest benefits of hybrid planks is that they are waterproof. The fact is, you can even immerse hybrid planks in water for a week or more, and its quality remains the same. Just wipe them down, and it is still as good as new. Because of this feature, it is more suitable to install hybrid planks on areas with high moisture levels, such as the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and entryway. It is also ideal for commercial applications or in areas of your home where there is high traffic.
  2. Easy to Install – Hybrid planks are using tongue and groove technology, making them easy to install. It is more suitable for those who are looking for a DIY installation that requires less equipment.
  3. Extremely Durable – If you have kids or pets in your house, you know how important it is to have durable flooring. Hybrid floors are produced using rigid core technology, making them highly resistant to scratches, dents, stains, and UV rays. That is why it is greatly recommended for busy households or commercial areas.
  4. Perfect for Places with Weather Extremities – Due to its multi-layered construction, hybrid floors are well suited for areas with intense temperature changes and harsh sunlight. Some flooring types are not able to withstand these settings and are at risk of expanding or shrinking. Hybrid floors are created to preserve their integrity despite these extreme conditions.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal – Hybrid floors use a special type of technology to imitate the textures, variations, and edges of authentic timber. As a result, it provides a beautiful appearance that is comparable to traditional hardwood. Hybrid floors imitate the look and feel of genuine timber.
  6. Less Sound – While some flooring types produce a hollow sound as you walk on it, hybrid floors generate a solid step with minimal sound, thanks to their rigid core technology. Steps can even be lighter due to their acoustic underlayment.
  7. Offers Comfort – With their compact, rigid core construction, hybrid floors offer you a comfortable walking surface. If the flooring type you choose has an attached underlayment or includes an additional underlayment, it can provide you with further cushioning.

Before choosing the flooring type for your house, you should first consider these great benefits offered by hybrid floors.

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