Why Is Cleaning Your Gutters So Important?


There is no question that being a homeowner is not an easy job. It actually comes with a lot of responsibilities, the most important one being home maintenance. Regular and proper home maintenance ensures that the property is in excellent condition, increases the level of safety it provides, and protects residents from the possibility of incurring expensive home repairs in the future.

While most people often consider home maintenance to be an indoor activity, it also refers to upkeeping the exterior of a property. This includes taking care of things such as cleaning the deck, mowing the lawn, repairing the driveway, and gardening. Another thing that is also part of your home exterior maintenance checklist is cleaning your gutters.

Generally speaking, your gutters play a very important role in protecting your property both inside and out from getting damaged in many ways. In this article, we outline the importance of regularly maintaining your gutters.

Prevents water damage

The main purpose of gutters is to protect your property from water damage. They do this by regulating the flow of rainwater around the exterior of your property, preventing water from pooling on the fascia boards. Otherwise, collapsing and sagging gutters can instantly lead to serious damage to your roof, foundation, and structure.

To reap all the benefits of gutters, it is essential that they are installed by professional gutter contractors so you can protect your siding and landscaping from water damage and erosion. These professionals are highly knowledgeable and can suggest the best solution for your property.

Protects your roof and foundation

Another important reason why you should clean your gutters is to protect your home’s roof. Gutters can easily get clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris, trapping rainwater inside and preventing it from moving off the roof. If the water penetrates through the surface of the roof, it can cause roof rot and weaken your roof’s construction.

Besides the roof, irregular cleaning of gutters can also lead to cracks in your home’s foundation. When water is blocked from traveling away from your property, it can easily pool around your house’s foundation, causing erosion to your landscaping.

Deters animal nesting and insect infestations

Clogged gutters make desirable homes for rodents, birds, and insects. Birds, for example, use all of the sticks and leaves caught in your gutters to build nests. Not only will these pesky creatures cause damage to your roof and overall gutter system, but they can even pose a potential health risk for you and your family.

So, the best way to deter animal nesting as well as eliminate the possibility of a rodent or insect outbreak in your home is to clean your gutters on a regular basis.

Improves curb appeal

Although the outward appearance of your property might not be the most important reason for cleaning your gutters, it is often considered the most obvious one.

The truth is that clogged gutters can easily be seen from the front of your home, affecting your entire property’s curb appeal. The overflowing rainwater can stain the siding of your home and deteriorate the appearance of roofing shingles.

So, if you want to give your home a defined look without distractions and even increase its selling chances, cleaning your gutters will certainly help you achieve your goals.

Saves you money

In addition to protecting your home’s roof, foundation and structure, and improving your curb appeal, regularly cleaning your gutters can also help you save money by preventing unexpected and expensive projects down the road.

As we mentioned previously, clogged gutters can cause serious damage to your home both inside and out. Most of these issues will require hiring professionals to fix the repairs or installing a completely new gutter system, which can be quite costly.

To be safe, it is best that you let a trained team take care of your gutters to avoid paying the large ticket price of a potential disaster.

Saves you money

Final thoughts

Properly and regularly cleaning your gutters is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a homeowner. The main purpose of the gutters is to protect the interior and exterior of your home from all kinds of damages which can result in costly repairs later on.

From protecting your roof, foundation, and structure to improving the outward appearance of your property, there are so many reasons why regular gutter cleaning is very important.

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