Why Choose Echo Brickell Condos to Live in Miami?


The cityscape full of giant buildings, salty air of the ocean, and seductive bodies all around – Miami is a place to see most of the beauty the American oceanfront can offer. The climate in Florida has been attracting individuals since the coast of the North Atlantic Ocean was inhabited. And “The Magic City” will warmly welcome new visitors in any of its 26 main parts. However, Echo Brickell condos are among the most luxurious places to move to, with the apartments shining with splendor like a diamond.

Thirty three meters lower than the Golden Gate Bridge (227m) is still high enough to offer a fascinating view of the ocean, tennis courts, swimming pools, and rooftop gardens. When you get to live on Brickell Avenue, the neighborhood of Four Seasons Hotel and Saint Jude Melkite Church is the best you can find. Simpson Park is within a 10-minute walk from the Echo Brickell residences – go there for yoga or another way of harmonizing with nature.

The construction of Echo Brickell apartments started in 2014. In cooperation with Carlos Ott, Kevin P. Maloney, a developer of the skyscraper, made all the 60 stories match the high standards of Property Markets Group. A bird-eye view of the tower, which can be seen at exploremiamirealestate.com, shows how the building’s location distinguishes it from other dwellings – the owners and tenants can breathe freely and feel that space galore around them.

Choose 1, 2, or 3-bed condos from 6 available lines. Pick a view to see through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Enjoy the 24/7 concierge service while swimming in an infinity-edge pool or sweating in a fitness club. Use smart home technologies or ask for cleaning to make the marble flooring reflect your image. Enjoy penthouses of up to 7,773 sq. ft. Come on, the entire White House is 5,100 sq. ft! Echo Brickell offers really luxury living conditions!

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