Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning?


If you are weighing up choosing ducted air conditioning over a split system, we have some compelling reasons for you to consider. Your goal is to stay comfortable all year round, right? You’ll find that ducted air conditioning is the solution you’ve been looking for, whether it’s for your home or office. Whether you have a home already, or looking into planning on installing for a new build, let’s look at why you will want to go this route.

Benefit 1: It’s a whole-house solution

The whole concept of ducted air conditioning differs from the use of single split units. They are designed to cool and heat the entire house. The way they are designed facilitates this. There are indoor units and one that sits outside the home or building. Air is pumped from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. Here it is cooled or heated and then distributed through ducting that takes it to each room.

Benefit 2: It looks good

Think of it as a discreet solution because you don’t have bulky indoor units sitting on the walls. Aesthetically it’s unobtrusive. All you will see are simple outlets in the ceiling and controls which sit on a wall.

Benefit 3: They are safe

Because the units are concealed in the ceiling, there is no risk to the property’s inhabitants. You won’t find elements such as fan blades easy to get to, which means any risk of injury is guaranteed. Portable air conditioners for example have wires and can be reached by children and pets.

Benefit 4: They are easy to use

To operate a ducted air conditioner, all you have to do is press the on button. That’s why they are referred to as ‘set and forget’ systems. The control panel allows you to easily set the system to the airflow and temperature you want to achieve. You can also turn off any rooms/zones that you don’t want to use at any given time. Less usage translates into lower electricity bills for you.

You’ll also discover that ducted air conditioning systems come with an app so you can control them from your tablet or smartphone. What could be easier than that? This convenient feature works as a remote control so you can adjust the temperature from anywhere in the house. You can also turn on your air conditioning before you get home, so the house is cool and ready for your arrival. You can return to your home after a hot day and find it cool and relaxing. This also saves power as it’s more energy efficient to gradually cool the house down than to arrive home and blast it to get the temperature to drop rapidly.

Benefit 5: They are efficient

Ducted air conditioning systems have components that are used to improve efficiency. They include a reverse cycle system. So you don’t need a cooling and heating system – this is an all-in-one solution. In doing so, you will save power usage as they offer a higher heat output compared to other ducted gas heating options.

Inverter control technology also helps the system cope with greater extremes in temperature. It can reach the desired temperature more quickly than other units. Thermostats and sensors also help keep the temperature more consistent, by compensating for temperature variance. They are found in the return air, in rooms, or on the controller and measure the air temperature. When the desired temperature is reached the controls turn the cycle off. If the area heats up or cools down too much, it does the opposite. The use of R410A refrigerant also offers better energy savings. Timers also help save electricity by making sure the system only turns on when needed.

So is ducted air conditioning a good investment of a luxury? Well, installing a ducted air conditioner pays off eventually because it will save you in energy bills and increase your home’s value. It would be best if you also considered the factors mentioned above, which may not have direct monetary benefits but certainly go a long way in improving your home’s aesthetics and the comfort you can achieve. Let’s recap.

Ducted air conditioning is:

  • More efficient
  • Saves energy
  • Is better looking
  • Is safer
  • Is more environmentally friendly
  • Is easy to use
  • Is a whole-house solution

It’s important to remember that you cannot rely on a quote being given for ducted air conditioning over the phone. The installer should do a site visit to measure the room sizes and check the property’s orientation. They will also consider insulation in the house, the size of the windows, and other factors you may not have thought of, but are essential. This will help identify hotspots, and they will use this information to calculate which unit you need and with which capacity.

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