Who Makes the Best Shower Panels?


Few things compare to a refreshing bath in the morning, especially when you do so in the shower. At the end of a stress-filled day, the soothing feeling of water running down your body is an ever-present desire. An efficient shower panel will ensure you have this desire met everytime.

Shower panels hold water outlets – such as rainfall head, nozzles, handheld shower, and spouts – in place. There are tons of shower panels to select from, with each promising quality and efficiency. Deciding on one can be pretty cumbersome. Not to worry, though, we’ll inform you about the best shower panel manufacturer you’ll ever find.

After diligently assessing the shower panels of different manufacturers, we choose Blue Ocean as the best shower panels manufacturer in the industry today. Blue Ocean shower panels provide the best user experience, with amazing features. This Blue Ocean shower panel review shows why this manufacturer stands out.

Features of a Shower Panel

Every quality and efficient shower panel holds essential features that should top your searchlist. The best ones combine the following components to give users unbeatable value for their money.

  • Temperature Control Features: A top shower panel has a temperature control mechanism that adjusts the temperature of running water. This feature ensures scalding doesn’t happen. It comes with a button – typically at the center – used to effect the control function.

  • LED Lights: Although LED lights are not necessarily needed in the bath area, they add certain pleasantness to it. They are kept on, either by the pressure of running water or installed batteries. In some products, the display indicates the temperature level by displaying a particular light color. Usually, the LED lights become red when the water becomes hot enough to cause a scald. Then it turns green when the water becomes too cold.

  • Water Outputs: Many shower panels can hold 4 – 6 water outlets, which can either function independently or otherwise. Common outlets include rainfall head, handheld shower, and nozzles.

Blue Ocean Shower Panels

It’s pretty hard to choose one shower panel as the best because we’ve all got different tastes. However, liking a particular panel design doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best fit. How it fits into your bathroom design is definitely a crucial factor you’ll want to consider.

That said, our selection of Blue Ocean is based on its intriguing design, competitive price, pristine features, and usability. It’s made of aluminum-alloy stainless steel, with an advanced temperature display. Its elegant glass covering gives it a classic look. Its durability and ease of installation are worthy of note.

If you’re looking for the best, you might want to give Blue Ocean a try. It tops several shower panel ranks, and user reviews show how brilliant and efficient the product is.

Basic Features

The 52-inch Blue Ocean SPA39M is widely regarded as the best shower panel by multiple websites. The following features set it apart:

1. Various Water Outlets

The Blue Ocean shower panel holds four different water outlets:

  • Rainfall shower that is typically overhead

  • Eight (8) adjustable nozzle, perfect for a comforting body massage.

  • Handheld shower with different spray mechanisms.

  • Tub spout.

2. Modern Temperature Display

The Blue Ocean has an advanced temperature display feature, with two knobs under it for temperature control. Besides controlling the heat, the display adds sophistication to your bathroom, fitting perfectly with any design.

While some shower panel displays use the water pressure energy for power, the Blue Ocean shower panel depends exclusively on batteries. However, it remains an important feature that can upgrade your daily shower experience.

3. Other Specifications

The Blue Ocean shower panel has a height and weight of 52 inches and 32 lbs., respectively. These dimensions make it a perfect fit for most bathrooms. The tub sprout in front combines with the rainfall head to give you a bath/shower combo. The nozzles are connected, with individual mechanism, to maintain water pressure.

The answer to the question, “who makes the best shower panels?” is unarguably Blue Ocean shower panels, in our opinion. With these shower panels, you can rest assured of quality, efficiency, and durability.

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