Which Model of Ring Doorbell Is Best for Your Home?


Ring produces video doorbells to ensure you don’t miss any visitors while you’re at work, running errands, or taking a vacation. They also allow you to see if you have deliveries or if your kids have already arrived home from school. The best thing is that these video doorbells can also deter robbers or burglars, so some install them for added home security.

Being in the industry for years, Ring already have multiple models available, so “Which model of Ring Doorbell is best?” is a common question. Some experts compared Ring Video Doorbell 3 to Ring Pro to help homeowners decide on a particular model. However, what’s best for one home might not be the best for you, so let’s help you make a more informed decision. Meanwhile, if you are asking about the best automatic door service near me, visit the given link to find out the answer.

Which Model of Ring Doorbell Is Best?

Deciding what Ring Doorbell to install in your home frontage requires time and careful evaluation of a lot of things. After all, these video doorbells aren’t cheap. You don’t want to spend on an item that you won’t use just because it doesn’t meet specific requirements.

With that in mind, the Ring Doorbell that will work best for your home should have the following characteristics:

1. Works With the Power Source Available

The first thing you need to do is check the available power source in your home. If you have no existing doorbell or extra power supply to wire a video doorbell, there’s no point in purchasing a wired video doorbell.

However, you can purchase Ring’s Pro Power Kit if you still want a wired unit, as it can provide the power your doorbell needs. Just keep in mind that you would need to set it up separately, requiring some basic electrical skills.

If you don’t wanna go through the hassles, it’s best to opt for the battery-operated Ring doorbells. Two of the best options are the Ring Doorbell 3 and 2nd gen (2020).

2. Won’t Break Any Rules

The good thing about Ring Video Doorbells is that you don’t need to make large holes and drastic home modifications to install them.

Understandably, though, some of you might be renting out a place or still paying your mortgage. Some contracts or lease agreements might state that you can’t make the slightest modifications, including putting tiny holes on the wall. In this case, opt for Ring Video Doorbells that you can simply stick on the wall.

3. Has the Right Functionality Features

All Ring Doorbell models have motion detection and alert capabilities, two-way communication, Alexa compatibility, HD camera, and night vision, which are enough for most homes. Some of you, though, might need additional features.

For instance, the Ring Video Doorbell has enhanced dual-band WiFi and an interchangeable faceplate that makes it effortless to install a spare battery and upgrade the faceplate’s look. The Doorbell 4, on the other hand, stands out for its colored pre-roll footage and automated quick replies. Lastly, the Pro 2 has a camera with the highest resolution and head-to-toe video capability.

Of course, more features mean a higher price tag, so evaluate what features you need and can do away with, and then decide accordingly.

4. User-Friendly Features

Apart from functionality features, you must also consider the installation and maintenance requirements of the doorbell you’re eyeing for. Some Ring Doorbells are easy to install and maintain, while others require professional assistance. We’re not saying that those requiring skills and professionals aren’t great choices, though. It’s still up to you as it can be more convenient for some of you to let someone do the grease work.

Most Ring Doorbell models are easy to use; even the app is easy to use and navigate. However, if you have children and elderly who would also operate the doorbell, make sure you choose one that they can quickly learn to operate.

5. Meets Your Set Budget

Most of Ring’s product lines make your home smarter and safer because of the innovative features included. Thus, don’t expect them to come with a cheap price tag; plus, as noted, their video doorbells are among their most expensive devices. The best and feature-full models cost above $100, but you can purchase a basic unit at almost $100.

The best thing to do is to set a minimum budget of over $100 to ensure you get which model of Ring Doorbell is best for your home without spending too much. It will also ensure that you won’t install a device that meets your budget but not your specific needs.

Which Model of Ring Doorbell Is Best?

It goes without saying that the best Ring Doorbell for your home is the one that meets your specific needs and home requirements.

You might not need all the features of the most advanced video doorbells, so even if you have spare money, it might not be the best for you. Likewise, the most budget-friendly option might not have some functionalities you’re looking for, so you still end up wasting money even if you didn’t spend too much.

Overall, the best Ring Doorbell is the one that will offer the greatest value for your money.


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