Which Is the Best Water Pressure Booster Pump: Zodiac PB4-60 vs Hayward 6060?

If you regularly notice serious malfunctions in your water supply system, and the water pressure leaves much to be desired, then you should think about installing a booster pump. A water pressure booster pump is a particular device that’s set to the water supply and allows you to stabilize and significantly increase the pressure in pipes.

An inexperienced buyer who decides to purchase such a device for the first time runs the risk of being lost among many models and brands. However, there are always undeniable market leaders and their best pump models. And buying such a device can be a great way out of a difficult situation.

Nowadays, the places of the best water pressure booster pumps are occupied by Zodiac Polaris PB4-60 and Hayward 6060. They feature several great qualities and an affordable price, so choosing the best of them is a difficult task. However, we dare to consider in detail and compare models for a number of important factors and make a choice.

Brand Reputation

Unfortunately, among a variety of brands, one may easily fall into the hands of an unscrupulous manufacturer. It happens quite often and mainly because users are either not interested in the company’s reputation or are trying to save money by purchasing cheap pumps from unknown manufacturers.

However, in the case of our models, you can be safe. The Zodiac, like Hayward, belong to two major American brands. Zodiac Polaris and Hayward have been producing multiple pool and related equipment for several decades. Manufacturers have a long history, many branches around the world, and a team of true professionals. You can easily find any information about the booster pumps on their official sites, read reviews from real users, and be sure that the device you bought is of the highest quality.

Quality and Materials

Before buying, one should pay special attention to what materials the pump is made of. They must not only be strong and durable but also resist corrosion and water influence. Lightweight materials will also be a big plus, as they’ll lighten the entire design of the pump.

For greater strength and durability, Zodiac PB4-60 is made of stainless steel and high-strength plastic. The pump guarantees complete tightness and no leaks.

Hayward 6060 also features a stainless steel body with plastic elements.

Though both pumps are similar in materials, some users state that the Zodiac PB4-60 is a little more durable than the Hayward 6060 and feels a little stronger, and more secure.


The dimensions of the water pressure booster pump directly affect how easy the installation will be. The installation location of the device, ease of access, and subsequent maintenance also depend on this factor.

The Zodiac pump features 17 x 9.5 x 14.5 in. dimensions while weighing 31.1 pounds.

The Hayward model is a bit smaller with the dimensions of 17 x 13.9 x 11.6 inches, but it weighs the same 31.1 pounds.

We note that although the size of the pumps is quite compact, they are too heavy, which can complicate the installation.


Zodiac Polaris PB4-60 booster pump features excellent performance while being applied for both in-ground pools and water supply systems. Zodiac is ideal for use with both Polaris branded pool pumps and filters and all other manufacturers. The pump has one-speed mode and can cooperate with multi-speed and variable pumps and filters. The motor is endowed with 0.75 HP, has a 60-hertz engine, and needs 115-230W for proper functioning. The power of the device is enough to generate up to 50 psi pressure and support pool equipment as well as small domestic machines. The booster pump guarantees the work of several appliances at once with a reasonable energy saving.

Like the previous booster pump, Hayward 6060 works with pool equipment as well as residential and commercial supply systems. It has two manually controlled speed modes, providing from 45 to 80 psi pressure. It runs on 0.75 HP and consumes the same 115-230W. For ventilation and cooling, engineers provided the unit with a tall mounting base. Still, high performance of the Hayward doesn’t provoke excessive energy consumption, as the booster pump needs 40% less energy than any other similar model. 


A good water pressure booster pump shouldn’t weigh too much, be prohibitively cumbersome, or take a long time to install in the supply system. Ideally, even an inexperienced user should cope with the mounting of such equipment. Also, the presence of auxiliary elements for installation in the kit will become an additional help.

Zodiac PB4-60 booster pump kit includes all the necessary parts, which significantly simplify installation: a quick-connect retainer, a Softube quick connect, and six feet of the pump hose. Thus, everyone claims that the installation process takes no more than twenty minutes. Compact dimensions and simple design also contribute to the mounting. Though you should mind a significant weight of the item, which can become a little problem. The orientation of the pump doesn’t matter as the Zodiac volute can be adjusted to 360-degrees. Users note that the pump is quiet, and manufacturers say that they have managed to reduce the noise level by 28% compared with previous Polaris models. 

The Hayward 6060 offers easy installation and maintenance either, as it has 1.5-inch plumbing union fittings and 0.75-inch hose barb union adapters in its kit. Depending on the chosen place of mounting and the preference, you can set in either vertically or horizontally. Re-orientation is possible due to the design of the volute. This booster pump is smaller than its opponent and provides a bit more installation options but has the same weight. We also note silent operation and convenient mounting base.


Both brands propose a warranty for their booster pumps. Depending on its validity period, you can exchange, repair, or return the device to the manufacturer without additional surcharges. Hayward 6060 has a one-year warranty. Zodiac also warrants its PB4-60 product for twelve months, but it limits the user’s installation. According to the rules, the Zodiac warranty can be annulled if the pump is installed by non-professionals.

Consequently, we highlight the following advantages and disadvantages of the booster pumps:

Zodiac PB4-60 


  • solid body and durable materials
  • compact size
  • can cooperate with multi-speed and variable pumps and filters
  • 0.75 HP motor
  • 115-230W voltage
  • generates up to 50 psi pressure
  • guarantees the work of several appliances at once
  • includes installation elements
  • can be adjusted to 360-degrees
  • quiet work
  • 12-month warranty


  • rather heavy
  • warranty prohibits self-installation
  • price starts from $30

Hayward 6060 Booster Pump


  • solid materials
  • even more compact dimensions
  • has two manually controlled speed modes
  • 0.75 HP motor
  • provides from 45 to 80 psi pressure
  • 115-230W voltage
  • very energy-saving
  • includes some installation elements
  • can be set both vertically or horizontally
  • silent
  • 12-month warranty


  • rather heavy
  • not very durable
  • expansive as costs from $310 to $400

Our review and comparison, as well as noticed pros and cons of the models, allow us to conclude that the Zodiac PB4-60 is the most optimal water pressure booster pump. Although it is almost identical to the Hayward 6060, it has a more reliable and durable design, simpler installation, and characteristics for a more modest price. However, at the same time, it makes sense for some users to overpay for more considerable energy saving and pressure proposed in the Hayward model.