Which Finish Is The Perfect For Your Hardwood Flooring?


Hardwood flooring is a trendy and desired design at present. It is a durable, easy-to-install, protective, and enhancing agent for wood grains. Whether your choice prefers a glossy finish or something close to matte, the multiple coating of hardwood flooring will satisfy your wishes. Even you can go with several options out there.

Below we have discussed some top surface finishes for hardwood floors so that you can choose a robust or engineered plank for your place.

1. Water-Based Polyurethane

Controversially Water-based Polyurethane takes first place as the best surface finish for Hardwood. It provides a clear finish and traditional touch. This glazing and shiny Polyurethane gives a signature look to the engineered and robust Hardwood floor. Multiple coats of glossy Polyurethanecan achieve the wet look. Besides this, you can also choose the semi-gloss water-based finish. Even the satin finish is also a considerable option.

The other advantage of having water-based Polyurethane is its prefinished state, which makes installation fast, easy, and hassle-free. Also, this well-examined and highly lustrous finish is easy to clean. Even pet hairs, scars, and dust need only a brush or deep brush to get washed out.

You can also go with oil-based Polyurethane, which always gives a yellow finish texture.

2. Oil Sealer

If you wish to finish your Hardwood floor yourself, an oil sealer will be a wise option. It’s a DIY-accessible option that you can apply straightforwardly. Even it does not become hard after drying. But, the penetrating characteristic of oil sealer brings out grain textures and intensifies the colour of the wood. After that, it demands a final touch-up to give a perfect impression.

An oil sealer is the best option for those who prefer a natural look. It does not give much glossy look and adds a traditional classic look to the flooring. So, it can make your room an antique interior. The reason behind this phenomenon is the tung oil which is not permanent. Moreover, this oil is nature-product. As a result, your flooring demands a retouch of oil sealer every 4 to 5 years.

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3. Hard-Wax Oil

Buy hard-was oil if you are looking for a traditional, sophisticated look for your floors. It will give a warm look to the flooring. Even this oil finish will protect your floors from any damage, strains, dust, and stress. Notably, some buyers consider this hard-wax oil finish outdated, but now it is trending in the market. For those who are fascinated by lustre finishing, this oil touch-up has become more popular to them.

Hard-was oil is a DIY-friendly finishing that you can do yourself. But, due to its low sustainable nature, you have to apply the coating in a repeated process, like; every two or three months.

4. Aluminium Oxide

Durability is the main factor above all that you should achieve at the time of buying flooring furnish. The aluminium oxide is the main factor that makes the surface finish lasts up to years and years. It is primarily suitable for the researched and well-examined Harwood floor because of its sleazy veneer.

If you are fond of Aluminum oxide Hardwood finish, you have to choose prefinished wide timber plank. The application of aluminium oxide into drying equipment used in the surface finishing process causes this limitation. But, this limitation has a good side: easier installation than factory sanding.

5. Shellac

Shellac is another type of hardwood surface furnishing option. This element is a part of resin exuded from the lac beetle. This shellac beetle is native to Southeast Asia. India also uses this resin in a vast amount. Aside from this, the main characteristic of this shellac is its fast-drying nature. So, applying shellac on the surfaces can easily avoid lap lines. Also, it never spreads odour in the place.

Also, it acts as a fantastic adhesive that can blend with oily wood. It also works wonderfully with foreign tropical species. Even the shellac is an excellent combination for shabby wood like; Pine. Eventually, it does not give the superior durability that other finishes give, but it is a hassle-free touch-up for any damaged area.

6. Acid-Cured Finish

The acid-cured finish is a Swedish finish. The characteristics of this surface finishing are pretty fast drying, extremely sustainable, and slow curing. You can apply this acid-cured finish to any exotic timber block or elongated patterns.

In addition, if we talk about its durability, its transparent nature would be the first phenomenon to be mentioned. Also, the elasticity is outstanding. But, on the flip side, as it has a high VOC percentage, it forms some difficulties. Due to formaldehyde, this acid-cured finish takes much time to apply. So, if you need it, you have to hire an expert. But, in that case, the cost will be high.

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Sum Up

So lastly, you need to be conscious of choosing hardwood flooring. And, you should follow the points stated above before going for it. It would help if you remembered that hardwood surface finishing would design your interior and bring out the inner character of your lifestyle.




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