Where should I keep my helmet at Home?

Do you have a helmet at home but you don’t know where to store it? According to helmetadviser.com, it is essential to know this because it will affect the lifespan of your helmet. It is because your helmet’s liner and some other components can be affected by the excessive heat if you put it outside.

Then where should I keep my helmet at home? If you put your helmet indoors, it will extend its lifespan compared to keeping it outside. Thus, it is preferable to find the right location for your helmet in your home.

So, let’s discuss what a suitable place for your helmet is!

Where to Store your Helmet at Home?

Below are the ideas and places that are safe to store and place your helmet. Come up with me and have a look at them;

Motorcycle Helmet Bags

Among the most useful methods to carry a helmet is in a motorbike bag. These bags include padding, so they offer your helmet sufficient protection and safety.

If you ride your bike daily, the most preferable place will be your bike’s bag. You can place your helmet anywhere in the bag of your motorbike. Also, you can store your biking gloves, sunglasses, and other accessories in a helmet bag.

Motorcycle Helmet Rack

A helmet shelf is a trendy way of storing a helmet but it is less compact than a helmet bag. Helmet shelves also have the benefit of allowing your helmet to circulate while you are not using it.

If you use your helmet daily, you must keep it in an area with enough airflow. Additionally, helmet hangers are simple to install in your room. It will give you a variety of positions to place it.

Shelf or Helmet Bay

You can get a cabinet to place your helmet that is a good alternative to a helmet rack. If you want your helmet to be a little bit safer, you can also get a helmet port.

The main difference between a shelf and a helmet port is that a helmet bay has elevated sidewalls along the shelf’s corners. They help to prevent your helmet from slipping off.

Storage Cabinet

You can purchase a storage cabinet or a vault to put your helmet in the home. It will give your helmet enough safety and protection.

Additionally, you can keep your helmet in protection for an extended time. And placing your helmet in a storage cabinet will prevent it from collecting debris as well.

Specific Helmet Hanger

In your home, hanging your helmet on a special hanger will be nice and maintain the helmet’s pad in good shape. These hangers are specifically made for helmets and they are reliable.

Why do you need to Store your Helmet Properly?

Helmets are specifically made to provide enough protection and safety to your head. While riding, you must carry your helmet with you. That is the reason, they must be placed and stored safely in your home.

The helmets are costly so you must ensure that helmets last as long as feasible. Also, it is essential to find a safe place where your helmet will stay safe. In this way, it will enhance the integrity of your helmet for a longer time.


Many people are unaware of where they should place their helmets at home. It is the most important consideration to keep your helmet in a good position for a longer lifespan. That’s why I have written this article!

When you keep your helmet outdoors, it might result in mold growing inside of it. And, if you want to keep your helmet in fantastic condition, it’s best to keep it inside. So, after getting this piece of information, you would search for where should I keep my helmet at home.

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  1. Can I hang my helmet on the handlebars?

If you hang your helmet on handlebars, this could harm the cushion and internal material. The padding will become stretched by the helmet’s thickness. Also, it can drop to the floor.

  1. Why should I store my helmet in a safe place?

If you place your helmet in a safe place, it will enhance the integrity and shelf life of your helmet. Also, it will save your helmet from mold and moisture.