When to get a new radiator for your bedroom


Although radiators are reliable and long-lasting parts of any home, constant use will inevitably lead to wear. The failure of the radiator can lead to poor heating distribution, a less obvious issue, but one that is still an issue. Water is likely to be available throughout your home without problems, but if your radiators are failing, you may need to replace them.

With continuous improvement in manufacturing technologies, modern radiators have improved in effectiveness, efficiency, and economics. With a new radiator, you can effortlessly reduce your energy bills, and be more environmentally conscious at the same time.

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Why Do Radiators Need Replacing?

Radiators are such a familiar sight in bedrooms across Britain – it’s common for people not to pay much attention to them. If you just moved into a property recently, it is possible their radiators were installed without much maintenance over the years.

It’s easy to ignore your radiators when renovating your house in favour of more essential aspects, but even then, upgrading your current radiators is a good idea, especially if you’re moving to a new place. In this way, you can select units that complement the aesthetics of your property and upgrade to more energy-efficient radiators.

Before replacing your radiators, you should make specific considerations: the temptation to install more radiators might be alluring, however, you should always ensure your boiler can handle all those extra demands.

Some new boilers do not provide water to outdated radiators – therefore, if you’ve recently purchased a new boiler, you may have to look into updating your radiators too.

Potential Issues with Radiators

The consequences of rust, corrosion, and blockages are not an immediate problem but rather an accumulation over time. British Gas offers chemical “power flushes” to remove these pollutants. Even if you take care of your radiators regularly, you won’t be able to keep them in perfect condition forever, so it’s important to perform regular radiator bleeding. There are many options available to you so be sure to schedule all the maintenance necessary to keep radiators in the best shape possible for as long as possible.

Your New Radiator

When replacing old radiators or when choosing models for your bedroom, you should always consider going electric. Electric units used to be unreliable and expensive, but they have become much more attractive in recent years because of advances in technology.

Electric radiators are incredibly convenient, as you can either plug them in or wire them into your electricity. They also make much less noise, keeping your bedroom quiet and peaceful at night.

If you have a large garden or roof, you should consider solar or wind power.

The solar panels and radiators of today produce so much electricity (meaning that they can pay for your heating) that they can generate electricity for the rest of your home as well.

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