When to Call A Roofing Contractor


Roofing is a difficult task, especially if you have no idea how to do it. It’s essential to keep the roof in excellent condition because any leaks could lead to severe water damage. It can even lead to mold, which could spread throughout your home.

To make sure that your roof holds up longer, you have to maintain it routinely. Cleaning the gutter, dealing with small leaks, and removing ice dams are some of the simple things that you can do to keep your roof in good shape.

Regularly assessing and inspecting your roof would be a great way to spot small issues that can be dealt with before it becomes a bigger problem. If the problem is too complicated to handle, like replacing the whole roof, then you need to call a best roofing contractor to help you out.

However, you don’t have to wait for your whole roof to break down before calling a contractor. Below are some of the warning signs that you need to book their services as soon as possible:

1. Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is a massive sign that you need a roofing contractor ASAP. If you see this, it’s likely due to damage to the structure. Don’t wait for the roof to fall over your house! Go to your browser and type in roofing contractors near me to book a repair service in your area.

2. Cracked And Missing Shingles

If you notice that there are plenty of damaged and missing shingles on your roof, you should call a roofing contractor. A few pieces might be an easy fix, but if there are plenty of cracked and missing shingles, it might be a more challenging project to do on your own.

3. Water Damage

If you notice water stains or damage to your ceilings, you need them repaired urgently. You can get it assessed to find out where the water or leak is coming from. Perhaps it’s from flashing, damaged shingles, downspouts, or gutter problems.

You can check where the damage is coming from, but if you don’t know what to look for. Most of the time, the leak causing the water stain isn’t directly above it, so you’ll just have to track it. If you are having trouble locating the problem, you may call a contractor to personally assess the damage or leak.

4. Ice Dams

During winter, you might notice ice dams that accumulate in your attic. This happens because of poor insulation. The warmth can melt the snow on the roof and penetrate the shingles, especially if they’re cracked and damaged! If you live in a place like Vancouver, you might be familiar with this problem. Thankfully, there is a trusted Roofing Contractor Vancouver that you can contact to help you get rid of this problem.

5. It’s Old

Sometimes the whole roof is just old. If the house itself is quite old when you bought it, then you need to find out if the roof was ever replaced at some point. Bringing in a contractor would also help since these professionals can give you an estimate on how old your roof is. Roofs typically can hold up for 25 years. If it’s older than that, it’s best to replace or install a new and upgraded one to avoid future inconvenience.

6. Shingle Granules In The Gutter

When you see shingle granules in your gutter, it means that your shingles are getting run-down. The granules on your shingles are there for heat protection. This is why the roof can help regulate temperatures in your home.

If you notice that the granules from your shingle are coming off, you must check the gutter and clean it up since the granules, along with other debris, may build-up and clog it. Again, this can lead to mold and water damage. If the problem was unattended for too long, and you already see some water damage on your roof or gutter, then it’s time to call a contractor.

7. Curled Up Shingles

This is a big sign that your roof is getting old and worn down. When you see this, you have to call a roofing contractor to get a roof replacement. This is going to be a massive project, and it needs to be done quickly and efficiently—especially before the winter season.


Now that you know the signs to watch out for, make sure to assess every damage or stain closely. Check on the gutters and start planning on what to do next. If you find yourself struggling or if the damage is already severe, don’t hesitate to get a trusted roofing contractor to assess the problem.



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