When Should You Call a Plumber?


Professionals exist for a reason. They are specialized in their trade and have acquired the expertise to complete any task with the utmost efficiency. Experts in pipe leaks, sewer repairs, water heater installations, and related services are called plumbers. And you will require their services at some point in time. When it’s a minor pipe leakage or even a tap replacement, you might go ahead and do them yourself. But there are specific problems, solving which will require a skilled approach. Sometimes, it is easy to recognize them and call the plumber in advance. At other times, it’s not so apparent. What’s the way out, then? Here are some things that will help you out with that.

Drippy Faucets

Once a faucet starts dripping, that’s it. It is the most obstinate thing you will ever come across. Regardless of how you try to fix it, the leak will eventually burst forth like a mini-fountain or fall gradually and steadily like a teardrop. Some of the reasons behind it are pressure buildups, incorrect installation, and cracks in pipes. But annoyance is just one of the reasons behind taking care of it quickly. It will also lead to a lot of water wastage, and consequently, higher water bills.

Lower Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be traced to clogged pipes. If the lines are clogged, the blockages can disrupt the flow of water and the stress. Cracked pipes, corroded plumbing, and faulty pressure regulators can also reduce the flow in many cases. Call the plumber to find a permanent solution instead of trying to solve the problem yourself.

The Sink Won’t Drain the Water

It is better to book a plumber at the earliest in case of a sink blockage, whether it’s the shower or the kitchen. The reasons behind it could be varied, from clogging to congested drain pop-ups. As much as you wish, it will not go away on its own. You could try to unclog it on your own using an old coat hanger or wire, but they carry the risk of chipping the pipes from the inside. Plumbers have special tools that they can use to unclog the pipes safely.

Water Smells Bad

Water that flows from pipes should be how it was always meant to be: colorless and odorless. If your water is brown or discolored, the reason could be the buildup of rust, minerals, and sediments. Similarly, green water could mean corrosion and leaks in the copper piping. At times, you might get the smell of rotten eggs from your water. That could mean a faulty plumbing system or sewage entering the supply through an opening. In all these cases, you will need a plumber.

Toilet Keeps Overflowing

Gooey, messy, smelly, disgusting, despicable: these are some ways of describing an overflowing toilet. The most common cause is a broken seal, which connects the tank to the bowl. Other reasons are a clogged drain, ill-adjusted float, and a blocked vent pipe. You might be tempted to try several DIY methods to solve the problem but could end up making it worse. Instead, call a plumber, who will get to the root of the problem and ensure that the situation doesn’t repeat itself for a long time.

Even though you might think that you may not require a plumber in a particular situation, it is always advisable to leave jobs requiring expertise to experts. They will take care of your plumbing problems in the best way possible.


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