When Should I Get Asbestos Testing?


Asbestos has earned a bad reputation due to its negative impact on human health and the environment. Since it can harm the environment and humans, you have to prevent its exposure to both. However, it might not be possible for many of us to detect asbestos. Only a skilled hazardous materials consultant can trace the presence and create a safe living place for your family.

You might find asbestos in old buildings constructed before the 1980s. During that phase, people were not aware of the harmful effects of asbestos and using it in their constructions. However, regular asbestos exposure can lead to severe complications. Hence, you can take the help of experienced professionals to know whether your construction has asbestos in it or not. It is worth mentioning that all asbestos types are not harmful, and a hazardous materials consultant can offer you the best help in this regard.

Conditions When You Can Get Asbestos Testing

As stated above, all asbestos types do not pose the same level of risk. When some are more dangerous, others might not harm you much. However, you can evaluate your home for asbestos if you suspect its presence in the construction. You need to eliminate it if it is airborne to prevent health risks. Also, some homeowners use asbestos detection kits to know its presence and try to remove it. But you will have to avoid doing this without the help of professionals. The exposure can cause severe health risks to you and your entire family. Hence, you can ensure that you have a certified professional to take care of this dangerous job. Here are a few conditions you can consider hiring professionals for asbestos testing.

Before Renovations

Many property owners believe that new constructions will not have asbestos, and they do not take safety measures to avoid any risks. However, you will have to change this perception and consider asbestos testing for your renovation project.

In reality, some asbestos types are still helpful in construction, and you might have this harmful material in your home in different forms. Therefore, you can consider testing to avoid risk and create a safe working space for your workers. You can consider asbestos testing for all renovation projects without any exceptions.

Before Demolitions

You can do asbestos testing when planning for any demolitions. Testing is a must to prevent any health issues caused by exposure. You can take this step regardless of the construction condition and age. However, you can avoid the testing when it is unsafe to enter the building due to the damages.

Some avoid testing since they think they have used harmless asbestos during the construction and it will not cause any health hazards when demolishing. However, some asbestos can become harmful after a certain period and cause health issues. Also, demolition can impact asbestos and make it dangerous for the environment and humans. Hence, plan for asbestos testing to avoid any complications during the destruction. Otherwise, the contained fibres will enter the air and cause health issues to those in the demolition area. Also, the impact will be there for hours and can harm after the demolition.

When You Suspect the Exposure

You can think of asbestos testing when the occupants, including tenants and employees, complain about asbestos exposure. You should take their complaints seriously and schedule a test immediately to prevent further deterioration.

The occupants might see materials or experience respiratory issues due to the exposure. Some might recognize the presence of asbestos from different sources and suspect having it in the construction. All these issues are worth considering to prevent something unpredictable. Take the help of experienced consultants and create a safe living place for occupants.

When You Have an Old Construction

You can also plan for asbestos testing if you have an old construction. Some asbestos-based materials, including fireproofing and insulation, can become harmful as they age. Also, maintenance work and repair can disturb the fibres present in asbestos, and they will enter the air posing risks to your health. Therefore, you can consider testing your old building periodically to prevent health issues. You can plan for the same when buying any old construction.

Hire a reliable and skilled hazardous materials consultant and consider asbestos testing whenever needed. Since exposure can cause severe health issues, you cannot take it lightly.

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