What is the Best Sprinkler for a Small Lawn?


You own a small lawn and have never dealt with landscaping before. You are also on a tight budget. What sprinkler do you get? There are time-based models, motion-based models, ground-based models, and even hybrid versions. Sometimes all you need is a Sprinkler Repair instead of investing in a new unit. Make sure to explore all the options before deciding if a new sprinkler is necessary.

Choosing a lawn sprinkler can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it is necessary first to consider which type of lawn sprinkler will be best suited for your yard. There are generally two types – rotary and oscillating-furrow. 

Rotary water sprinklers are installed on the ground and provide an even distribution of water over the area in front of it. Oscillating-furrow water sprinklers are placed on the ground and move from side to side to provide an even watering motion. The following is a list of different factors that you must consider before buying a lawn sprinkler:

What Type of Sprinkler Should You Get?

Many people say that the best sprinkler for a small lawn sprays water in a random motion. What makes this type of sprinkler so good is that you can use it for larger lawns as well. This is because the fan-type spray ensures that water drops evenly across the watering area even though the spraying is random.

When you turn on a sprinkler that only shoots water in one direction, only specific parts of the lawn will be water, leading to soggy ground patches and many unwatered plants. But with a fan-type spray, it evenly distributes the water, so your lawn is always getting enough for it to grow.


What kind of space do you have in your backyard? This will determine the size of the lawn sprinkler that you buy. If you have a small area to water, you can go for a smaller lawn sprinkler. However, if you have a huge area to cover, you will need to look for a large lawn sprinkler to shoot out water further.

Water pressure

You should check your water pressure before buying a lawn sprinkler. If your water pressure is low, you will need to buy a lawn sprinkler suitable for low-pressure systems. However, if you have high pressure in your home, you can use any type of lawn sprinkler.


How many types of grass do you have in your yard? The answer to this question will determine which type of lawn sprinkler will be best suited for your yard. For example, rotary lawn sprinklers will work better if you have a large lawn area planted with grass. However, oscillating-furrow lawn sprinklers are better suited for small areas with different plants as they water each plant individually.

Do you have a specific type of grass lawn? Do you have a predominantly green or tropical lawn? This will also determine what type of lawn sprinkler that you should buy. For instance, if you have a predominantly green lawn, you can go for an oscillating-furrow lawn sprinkler that will water the different types of grass found in your backyard.


How much are you willing to spend on a lawn sprinkler? This will play a role in which type of lawn sprinkler you can buy. An oscillating-furrow lawn sprinkler is generally cheaper than a rotary water sprinkler. There are also some lawn sprinklers that are pricey, and most of these are rotary lawn sprinklers.

If you are using drip irrigation in your yard, you should opt for an oscillating-furrow lawn sprinkler. This is because it moves across the yard and water each plant as opposed to the rotary lawn sprinklers that are fixed and do not move from their position.

Pressure settings

Does the lawn sprinkler you are interested in buying have pressure release valves? If you are buying an oscillating-furrow lawn sprinkler, it is advisable to go for a lawn sprinkler with pressure-release valves. This is because these valves allow excess water to be released from the system in case there is too much water in the pipes. This will help to avoid any unnecessary damage to your pipes and other components of your sprinklers.


What is the warranty period for a specific type of lawn sprinkler? If you are buying a lawn sprinkler that has a long warranty period, you will be able to have it fixed if at any time it malfunctions.


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