What’s So Special About Smart Homes?

Living in the technologically advanced society that we do; we see that all kinds of weird and wonderful things are automated. From Levi’s collaboration with Google to make a jacket that allows wearers to find directions and listen to music via the sleeve, to automatic pet feeders, there’s a gadget for just about every part of our daily routine now. So much so that we have the option to live in a smart home, taking the concept to a whole new level. A smart home allows the occupant to control things like lighting and the temperature from their smartphones, and the ability to do so has lots of benefits. Let’s look at a few.


Let’s start with a factor that will be important to everyone: security. Smart homes can significantly improve home security and safety, due to the ability to control safety features remotely and in tandem. Take, for example, a smart doorbell. These devices alert you via your smartphone when someone comes to the door when you’re not there and has a camera so that you can see, hear and speak to the visitor. Combine this with the ability to control security cameras in and around your home, your alarm system, and your lights, and this could be an effective deterrent to someone who had come to your home with ill intent.

In a less dramatic scenario, the ability to control your door locks can be very helpful for the simple use of double-checking that you’ve locked the door. We’ve all been there! The point is, smart homes can make us feel safer and more confident that, when leaving home, it is secure. We all need to feel comfortable in both these situations and the fact that there’s the technology to help us with that is pretty special.


Like smart home security, smart home entertainment is becoming very popular. Statista reported that the industry of home entertainment in smart homes will increase from $9.3 to an astonishing $17.8 billion in the space of just six years. This is because smart home technology has revolutionized how we entertain ourselves. Let’s take the common occurrence of having a movie night, for example. You can combine one of the countless iterations of all-singing, all-dancing televisions with high-quality speakers. Use your phone to pick and play the movie and dim the lights, then you’ve got yourself a cinema in your living room.

Game nights incorporate many of the same devices to create a new environment geared up for different types of gaming. For example, we all know your TV is great for console gaming, but it can heighten the experience of certain types of online gaming too. Casino gaming lends itself well to the concept of creating different gaming environments in a smart home, as you can use your smartphone to cast a live casino game onto the television, set up your camera, play some lounge music, and your quiet night in becomes a casino night.

The ease with which this can be done is really at the heart of all devices and services. It’s all set up for convenience, even the smaller details like choosing a casino. There are now dedicated sites that collate information on online casinos from casino review experts for players to simply filter through. From payment types and game methods to the overall score from the reviewers, it’s yet another example of technology’s role in providing us with what we want in the easiest way possible.

Everyday Life

In fact, the role of technology is playing a bigger part in more hands-on, everyday activities. Cooking, for example, has become more automated with smart ovens that have different functions and simple, intuitive navigation. So, making a meal can be as simple as pushing a button and leaving it to do its thing. Even cleaning is becoming more automated, with the likes of Roombas and ‘robot mops’ controllable via your smartphone so that you can come back to a sparkling clean home.
Smart home technology can assist or improve every aspect of our lives, from improving our safety and keeping us entertained to simply making life easier. This technology can also help us save money on our utilities by showing us how much water and electricity we use and by being able to control things like heating and lighting remotely. There are even environmental factors involved, as smart homes can give occupants an insight into their energy use. These features, and many more besides, are what make smart homes so special.