What you should know before you purchase evergreen trees

Evergreen trees usually have foliage throughout the year, which is different to deciduous trees that shed their leaves annually. Therefore, the term evergreen refers to trees that maintain their leaves while others’ leaves fall off.

This is the reason why many people associate pines with Christmas when they think about evergreen. But any tree that retains its green foliage throughout the year and endures the dry seasons and cold weather is considered to be evergreen.

This article discusses what you should know before you purchase evergreen trees. Find inspiration on evergreen trees from gardeners dream and get an idea of what your options are.

The right evergreen trees for privacy

Before you decide to purchase evergreen trees, it’s a good idea to figure out the purpose of the trees when it comes to your landscape. It’s worth noting that you can use evergreen trees for screening, windbreaks, and privacy. You can find a variety of evergreen trees that differ in sizes, leaf types, colours, and shapes. Therefore, you need to know the purpose of the specific trees to help you know which evergreens will suit your yard.

Besides, you also need to know the chances of the trees surviving in your area. Knowing your growing zone can assist you with deciding on the type of evergreen trees that will work best for you. You should note that some shrubs and trees you may want to plant can be harder than others, so you will need to check the zone rating on your desired evergreen trees.

You can find some trees that can grow well in a drier soil type, while others do well in moist soil. In other words, some evergreen trees thrive in acidic soil while others prefer more alkaline soil. This means you need to know the pH of the soil before you decide to buy an evergreen tree, too.

Planting evergreen trees

Most evergreen trees do well when they are in full or partial sunlight. You can find some evergreen trees that tend to have a high tolerance compared to others when it comes to other factors such as salt spray from snow plows, soil drainage, pests, insects, and extreme weather conditions. Most evergreen trees don’t need lots of maintenance for their upkeep.

What is even better is if you can find evergreen trees that only need minor annual fertilisation and pruning. There are also a couple of varieties that can drop seeds and needles at specific times of the year. Examples of evergreen trees that shed their foliage each year are cypress and spruce trees, so you should avoid these varieties if you don’t want a messy yard.

Furthermore, it makes sense to consider the size of evergreen trees before planting them in your yard. You should make sure that you determine the size of the tree once it matures. The growth rate of an evergreen tree is also another factor worth considering. Some trees can grow slowly, while others can establish their height pretty quickly. Above all, you should remember that most evergreen trees can achieve mature heights of between 20 and 60 feet.