What you have to pay attention to when buying a house


House State — What You Need to Check Before Buying

You may have been dreaming about your perfect house for years and have pictured your ideal bedroom, patio, and lawn gnome. However, when you get down to buying a house, a lot of questions arise.

It is not only about the location or the preferred number of rooms. Buying such a property is also about a set of laws and financial issues you need to consider. In this article, you will find answers to the majority of questions that may arise when you buy a house.

How to Choose a Place Where You Should Buy a House?

The location of your house determines how you live your life in it. Your comfort will depend on the proximity to work and schools, available infrastructure, distance to the desired amenities, etc. However, when choosing a location, you should also consider the property type, as some places are more favorable for certain kinds of buildings.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of houses available on the market and their traditional locations:

  • A single-family house. It is a typical house you have seen in every American movie. Such houses are usually located in the countryside or in small towns.
  • This is a two-floor house that has several entries and can be sold to two families. Duplexes are usually located in the countryside, just like single-family houses.
  • The whole point of this building can be explained with one idea: “Why not move my regular house into the city?”. And really, why not? Townhouse is a house located in the city. Usually, a townhouse has its own unique design and structure, but it will also share its walls with other townhouses.
  • Coming from the Ancient Rome times, villa is still one of the most popular houses in the world. Buying such a property is a good decision for those who want full privacy and adore sunny countries with the sea or ocean nearby.
  • Such a house is a dream for night sky fans and a horror for people suffering from acrophobia. Placed on the top of a skyscraper, it lets you overview the whole city. The bigger the city, the brighter and bigger the view. Penthouses are common in megapolises around the world, but their amount is always limited to the number of skyscrapers.

A house, penthouse, townhouse, villa and duplex — what unites all of these buildings? They can all be found in the same city. Welcome to sunny Dubai, UAE, where all these buildings are already available for sale.

Pros and Cons of Buying a House

Purchasing a house is a major life-changing decision that should not be taken lightly. Even if you have thought about owning a house for a decade, it is still worth it to check out the pros and cons one more time. Here are some of them:

Pros Cons
A long-term investment High costs to look after
Privacy Illiquidity
Stable payments A risk of becoming a scam victim
Full control over renovations Property taxes and fees

Where to Start Your Research?

Your first step to your perfect property in the UAE is choosing a trusted premium real estate company that has a large catalogue of property in Dubai and other cities. Metropolitan Premium Properties can be your solution. It is a real estate company Dubai has a long history with. Its specialists can help you buy any type of house in Dubai you have ever wanted — from a small comfortable apartment to a grand and prestigious villa with a breathtaking view.

Do You Need a Realtor, or a Lawyer, or Both?

The biggest advantage you get from working with a real estate agency is that you don’t need to worry about such things as finding a realtor or lawyer. You can delegate these tasks to the Metropolitan Premium Properties experts. They will take into account your wishes and possibilities. This will help them find the best possible solution for you to become an owner of real estate Dubai’s market can propose.

Documentation and What to Pay Attention to

Like it or not, but the modern world is full of different bureaucratic issues all of us must deal with. When buying property, it is hard not to feel it. Still, getting all of the required documents beforehand can help you solve one or two problems in the future. Let’s look through the main documents you should be aware of before and during the purchase process:

  • Passport;
  • Visa copy;
  • Photos;
  • Pre-approval for an UAE loan if you require a mortgage;
  • Buyer and seller agreement;
  • Sale agreement;
  • No Objectives Certificate (NOC).

Prices for Services

When you have a look at laws in the UAE and the potential property you wish to buy, one more important thing requires your attention. It is the financial question. Surely, a house is not something cheap, especially abroad. That is why, let’s take a look at the prices of services and fees you will need to pay:

  • Agent fee (2-5% of the property price);
  • Registration trustee fee (2,000-4,000 AED);
  • Mortgage registration fee (0.25% of the mortgage);
  • Title deed issue (580 AED);
  • Transfer fee (4% of the property price).

There may also be additional payments and fees you may incur depending on the property.


You may think that the whole purchase process is too complicated. You need to pay attention to a list of aspects: documents, correct location and type of house, fees and payments, etc. And it is a lot to do, no doubt.

When you understand that you need help, make sure to contact specialists. In Metropolitan Premium Properties, experts are always ready to help you before, during, and after the purchase process by representing your interests in every deal.

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