What Type of Drill Bit for Concrete


There is no single drill bit that you can use as a universal bit. No single bit can do the work of another. Each works perfectly for what it was designed to bore, just like the bits for concrete.

Drilling holes is a common task that builders and construction workers share. The issue is not about the type of material you are using but choosing the right drill for all the tasks you are undertaking. For instance, the idea of picking a drill bit for concrete is used in an attempt to use it on a different material, not the best. Professionals select the right bit that is compatible with work at hand. So, if you are working with stainless steel materials, make sure you use the best drill bits for stainless steel. You need to understand different types of drill bits in terms of their material design and the kind of work they are made for.

Your knowledge of drill bits will help avoid unnecessary damages to the material or slow down your work. We will not let you go through this kind of error when working on a concrete surface because this will highlight the good bits for handling concrete.

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The Type of Drill Bit for Concrete

Concrete and blocks used in masonry are special because of the properties they have. Concrete is a composition of cement and large-sized stones that explains why drilling you encounter soft and hard pebbles. That is why the drill bit for concrete must be tough to withstand all that pressure.

A better source of power to drive the drill bit would be an electric one that will cut through concrete. The most common are slotted drive shafts (SDS) and the hammer drills. The drills have a pounding motion on the concrete’s surface to break it up as the drill goes through. Meanwhile, check out the pros of core drilling and discover how to make the said task safer by following tips from the experts.

The Drill Types

Masonry bits

They are suitable for concrete drilling because of their hard, corrosive, and abrasive nature. Like any other material, there is no universal drill bit for concrete. These bits have a black oxide mixture that protects the bit from rust and corrosion.

Make sure the masonry bits have a coating of carbide, are compatible with a hammer drill, and can take the SDS design as well.

Twist drill bits

The most common drill component you will find in a concrete cutting site is the twist drill bits. The flutes are twisted to deliberately control the flow of dust saving more time when drilling. You do not have to stop shooting to clear the hole. A special thing with the twist bits is their cutting technique made of carbide and material composition.

The external surface is coated with oxide, and the heads have a curing like carbide appearance.

Hole saws

When there is a need to widen a hole on concrete, you need the hole saws drill bit. The bit has to be sharp and healthy for a smooth and clean hole. The cutting edges for the holes saw assume a diamond shape. The outer surface has a carbide treatment.

SDS drill bits

There is an argument that SDS is one of the best concrete drill bit inventions. Their shank design takes the shape of a slot that does not allow the material while in the chuck. Suppose you are working on different hole sizes. Changing the SDS bits to the required size is easy.

Cordless Drill Features that would make it Drill through Concrete

Most concrete drilling activities have been a preserve of drills using electricity as a source of power. A cordless drill draws its power from a battery pack, leading to its ability to work through concrete.

Battery power: a larger battery capacity defines whether your cordless drill will be sufficient. You will need a battery pack within the range of 18-20 volts.

Drill bit: a masonry drill will help when working concrete or masonry materials

Torque settings: torque is the power the drill drives through concrete. Most exercises have the torque settings indicated on the chuck.

Hammer action: a combination of both hammer and drilling activity will qualify a cordless drill to put a hole through concrete

Final word

Regardless of the type of work you are handling, remember to put on personal protective equipment. Going through the post, you will realize that a hammer drill is not enough. You will notice the emphasis is on getting to know the type of drill bit for concrete. Get it right and complete your work.

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