What Tools Do You Use To Cut Concrete?


Concrete is perhaps the most popular building material today due to its strength, versatility, durability, and reflectivity. Many modern structures make use of concrete to avail of its numerous benefits. Structures made with concrete are more durable, solid and sturdy. For this reason, when the time comes to alter the structure or remove concrete, heavy-duty tools for concrete cutting are required, including top rated safety glasses. It is the strength and durability of concrete that make its removal so hard. Thus, depending upon the nature of the job, concrete cutting requires a lot of tools. Below, we have listed some of the tools you will probably require if you go about concrete cutting but it makes a huge difference if you instead ask for help from experts in concrete cutting sydney.

Tools Used to Cut Concrete

Apart from saws and cutting machines, a lot of other equipment is also required for dealing with concrete. Concrete dust can lead to serious lung problems, and thus, safety gear becomes of utmost importance. Here is a list of some of the equipment that you will require in your process of concrete cutting:

1: Come-Along Rake:

A come-along rake will help you move concrete from one position to another. As concrete is quite thick and dense, it cannot be moved with your hands. Moreover, you wouldn’t want your hands to get messy on the job. A come-along rake is different from a normal rake and is specially made for moving concrete. After you’re done cutting concrete, you will have to put some new ones in their place. That’s where the come-along rake will make your work easy.

2: Screed:

A screed comes in many shapes and designs, and its primary function is to smoothen out a concrete surface. After you put in new concrete anywhere, you will notice that it is not evenly distributed, and the surface is not smooth. It is used to remove the excess concrete and smoothen out the surface and is perhaps one of the few tools on this list that can be used by anyone. 

3: Wheelbarrow:

If the job is quite extensive and involves moving large amounts of concrete and other materials, it is a good idea to invest in a wheelbarrow. With a wheelbarrow, you can easily move concrete for longer distances. Moreover, you can make use of a wheelbarrow to move just about anything. On big construction sites, you will definitely find a lot of these lying around. 

4: Mixer:

A mixer is used to mix concrete and cement and can also be used to mix concrete with sand. Without a mixer, any concrete job is downright impossible to complete. That’s why most construction companies have these little mixers as well as big mixers on the back of trucks. It’s one of the more expensive tools on this list, but it is a necessity.

5: Finishing Towel:

A finishing towel is used to add finishing touches to a newly-formed concrete surface. Once you smoothen out the surface with a screed, there will still be minute imperfections on its surface. A finishing towel helps you achieve that perfect smoothened look on a concrete surface. Alternatively, you can also use a finishing broom.

6: Washer:

Construction jobs, especially ones that involve concrete, can be quite messy. Once you’re done cutting, removing, and pasting new concrete, you will find that you’ve made quite a mess on the scene. One big part of this mess will probably be the concrete litter. A pressure washer can easily help you take care of all the mess. These washers are mainly powered by gas, and they will remove any concrete debris or other waste material from the surface. Once you’re through, you will have a neat and clean concrete surface on your hands.

7: Polisher

After the smoothening process, you will have to bring out the shine on your concrete surface. A polisher will help you do just that. It’s an electricity or gas-powered machine that will enhance the look of your concrete surface. If you want to get even more creative, you can use a grinder instead of a polisher. 

8: Saws:

When it comes to concrete cutting, the most common tool is the saw. There is a variety of concrete cutting saws in the market. What type of saw you require depends upon the nature of the job and the concrete that is to be cut. A saw cut concrete can be a mechanical-handheld one or industry-grade diesel-powered. The most common, however, are electrical circular saws.

This list is not by any means exhaustive. Depending upon the type of job, you might require other concrete tools too. A professional will be better equipped in dealing with concrete jobs as they’ll have all the tools at their disposal.

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