What to Look For in an Interior Designer


If you’ve thought about hiring an interior designer, there is a high likelihood that you’d want to make some changes in your home. The interior designer will be responsible for bringing your vision to life. It is crucial that you’re getting someone that is experienced and easy to work with if you’re to achieve your desired objective. It could be the first time that you’re searching for an interior designer and you’re not really sure of what you should be looking for. In order to help you get the right contractor for the job, here is a list of the things you should keep in mind.

Identify Your Style

Before you can start searching for an interior designer, it is important that you’re first identifying your style. You want to be clear of what you’d want to achieve when you reach out to the designer. There are websites like Pinterest that can act as an inspiration in identifying your style. You can then present a sample of what you’d want to get when you finally meet the interior designer.  Be sure to check out a great option like interior decor pretoria as well as others for help.

Overall Aesthetics

People have different tastes when it comes to interior design. You’d want to get a designer that is capable of achieving any look that you’d desire. They can get you the customized frames that you wish for even though they’re rare and hard to find. You don’t want to be working with a designer whose focus is to deliver their own personal taste. You might have to look for someone else if the result is not up to your expectations.

Should Work With Your Budget

A good interior designer will start by asking the budget that you have in mind. This is the best place to start because you don’t want to be going all out on expensive items when you can’t afford it. They’re constantly asking for an increased budget then you should be looking for someone else. Their services should also be reasonably priced. That is why it will be a good idea to ask for multiple quotes if you’re searching for an interior designer for your home improvement project. When you get multiple quotes, you’ll have an idea of what to expect with your budget.


It is important that you’re reaching out to the references provided so that you can confirm the credibility and experience of the interior designer. You should be wary of a designer that can’t provide references for their work. They could be hiding something and you’ll not want to find out the hard way. The portfolio items will be a yardstick to measure the work of the interior designer. Make sure that the references provided are verifiable.

Industry Knowledge

A designer might have a good style but that won’t be enough if they don’t possess industry knowledge. This is because different clients have different requirements and you can’t take a systemized approach when trying to provide a solution. A designer that is knowledgeable about the industry will know the materials to incorporate so that you’re having an aesthetically pleasing living space. Deciding on the materials and the style shouldn’t be a challenge for a designer that possesses industry knowledge.


You obviously have an idea of how you’d want the space to look like. The interior designer should closely work with you so that you’re achieving the dream look. They will constantly be consulting while still being the voice of reason so that you’re not being carried away. There are not a lot of such designers that involve the client in every step of the process. The majority of them will only be focused on getting the job done in the shortest time possible and moving on to the next one.

Follow Your Gut

You can always know when something is wrong and that is why it is recommended that you follow the gut. If the chemistry is off when you first meet the interior designer, there is a high likelihood that there will be tension. You don’t want to be going through such an experience when you can get someone that cares about your needs and will ensure that the project is seamless.

Ask a lot of Questions

There is nothing wrong with asking a lot of questions if you’re not sure about a process. A good designer is one that will be willing to answer all your questions even if they might appear obvious. Ideally, you should have the questions already prepared before you meet with the interior designer.

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