What to do if you have a Cat?


Pets are a great treat to have. Noble creatures, we love to hold for solace and fun. Unlike humans who demand a more complex relationship, pets are simple. Not saying that human relationships should be ignored. However, pet love is somewhat easier to embrace and comprehend.

Cat Love vs Dog Love

As per pets, cats require less love and pampering as compared to dogs. Cats are somewhat more independent creatures. Some even say they are cold and aloof. Dogs require more attention and love as compared to cats, pretty tough at the start to get them going, but once there, a dog will keep up with you until either of you passes away. It certainly does not mean that cats don’t need love and attention and they don’t love you back. Cats love in a way that is much more silent and dominating.

We can say that pleasing a cat is more different than a dog since cats are more indifferent to emotions. Their love is somewhat sacred, pure, and rather infrequent. Just please them and you never know when the Gods shine on you with love.

So what should you do if you’ve bought a kitty? , and you are new to cat parenting. We’ve listed down some activities that might help you to please your cats.

7 Things Must for a Cat Parent

Have Fun With Them: The basic idea is to play with your cat. Use stuffed toys, balls, scratching posts, and anything that makes your cat happy. Playing refers to mutually associating with the cat in his playtime sessions, rather than buying toys for it. American Cat has published a complete guide on it.

Pick Them Up: If a cat does not struggle, if you pick it up, it is a good sign that it has accepted your friend request. Picking up a kitten and cuddling it up, associates a feeling of attraction and warmth. Just like picking up a toddler.

Give them Fun Hunting: Cats love to hunt as it is in their intrinsic behavior. Try to play hide and seek with your cats so they can quench their inner thirst for hunting. For this, you can attach a stuffed toy to a string and wiggle it back and forth by hiding yourself under a blanket or furniture. Your cat can not resist it and will try to catch the toy giving them playtime and physical exercise, as they stretch their legs out to catch the dummy prey.

Watch TV Together: Cats love to watch TV, like humans. The moving pictures amaze them. So in your free time cuddle up with your cat and watch some good movies with them.

Food Puzzles: Put small amounts of food items in the puzzle or traceable form, and let your cat discover it. It will direct its attention and make it feel like it is preying.

Leash Walking: Try to practice leash walking with your cats. Apart from a pleasant refreshing walk, it will also stir the cats physically. Furthermore, it will give your cat fresh views, making it mentally strong as well.

Care for Them: Apart from playtime, care for your cats. Feed them intelligently and monitor their routine patterns. Schedule a vet visit every couple of months, and ensure their security from other big pets around.

Feel them as One of Your Own

Being a cat parent is a big responsibility. As these feeble cats can’t speak out about their issues, try to develop a bonding with them. Do not let them feel lonely and play with them with all your heart as if it is your own baby. Even if you’re operating a nonprofit organization, let’s say a pet shelter or a pet adoption house, where there are thousands of cats, you still need to make them feel that you’re always there for them.

Important: If you’re looking to register your pet shelter, you can consult some of the top incorporation services available out there.

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