What to Do if Injured by a Doctor

Did you know that all Medicare patients have a 25 percent chance of being injured, catching an infection or dying when they visit the hospital?

As if that’s not bad enough, here’s another alarming statistic: every year, almost 450,000 people die from infections and injuries that get from visiting the hospital.

These are very worrisome stats; many of which can be prevented by doctors and health workers. It is often said that the healthcare industry has the worst safety standards compared to similar industries.

If other industries had a similar woeful safety record, the government would have declared a state of emergency in that sector.

Unfortunately, this poor safety record is why many people are getting injured, suffering from accidents and even dying in the hands of doctors who should be caring for them and nursing them back to health.

This is why you cannot afford to adopt a lackadaisical attitude if you’re injured by a doctor due to his negligence and/or that of his supporting team. You shouldn’t have to pay the price for their incompetence.

So, what can you do if you find that the injury you sustained at the hands of your doctor could have been prevented? What do you do if you find that they were negligent, and now, you are paying for it?

Establish a Clear Case of Negligence

Let’s get something clear first. If you’re harmed by a doctor, they may be liable for a malpractice suit. But, mistakes are not often enough to justify a lawsuit. So, make sure that there’s a clear case of negligence.

Some doctors and hospitals will bend over backward to remedy the situation and help you feel better. Some hospitals even offer to pay all your bills during and after your stay in the hospital.

If this happens, and the doctor is truly remorseful, some patients choose to let it go and not sue the hospital. But others, depending on the severity of the injury, potential loss of income, post-procedure costs and many other factors might go ahead to sue the hospital.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the victim’s preferences and predispositions. If you’re in this kind of quandary and are torn about what to do, you can either consult with a Malpractice Lawyer Manhattan NYC or speak to family, friends and/or advisors.

See if the Doctor Has a History of Harm and Injury

Many doctors are genuinely good people who are solely dedicated to saving lives and getting patients healthy. So, for these doctors, inadvertently hurting you is usually a case of genuine mistake.

These doctors typically have no track record of people getting hurt on their watch. And if they do, the numbers are usually negligible. In this instance, you may have to decide if you want to go ahead and file a lawsuit or just leave them be.

Many patients who have been injured by mistake end up letting the case go because of the doctor’s attitude, their history, and what they’re doing to quickly ameliorate the situation.

But, if in the very rare chance, you find that your doctor has a history of hurting patients or they’re lackadaisical about the harm they caused you, then you need to sue right away.

Request to Be Transferred from the Doctor

Your doctor should have your best interest at heart. So, if they have a clear history of negligence and carelessness, request to be transferred to another doctor.

Doctors who are consistently negligent have no business being doctors, and you should get away from them before you’re added to their list of victims.

Unless that doctor is the only specialist within your area, state or country, you can always request your case to be transferred away from them.

And even then, it is possible to be transferred to another specialist in another state or country if you’re completely uncomfortable with the doctor that has a history of patients getting hurt under their care.

Sue them for Injuries and Harm

Doctors who injure patients are liable to get sued. So, if you want to proceed after due consultation, you should go ahead and filed a case against them in the law courts.

This way, if the doctor has a high rate of patient-related injuries, their license can be suspended and they will be held liable for every injury and harm they’ve caused you.

This way, not only will you be able to get the compensation you deserve, but you may also be able to ensure that they never practice again if they have a negative history.

These are some of the options that you have if you get an infection or suffer some form of harm from a doctor.