What to Buy Your Pets this Christmas


For tens of millions of Americans, having a dog is very much like having a new member of the family. There’s a reason that their nom de guerre of “man’s best friend” has been adopted by many different cultures. Intelligent creatures that are tailored for the human world, most owners understand that their pup can appreciate gifts just as much if not more than other humans, and so it isn’t a wasted effort in procuring useful gifts for them this Christmas Season.

1. Active Dog Toys – The Onson

Among the wide range of options that are available to you in buying a gift for your dog, there’s the interactive ONSON bauble. It’s a large, circular enclosure that holds dog food, and encourages your pup to roll it around in search for the dispensing unit. When she hits on the right spot, the ONSON releases a morsel by way of congratulation. The beauty of a toy like this is that it keeps your pup active and in problem-solving mode while giving her the treat that professionals recommend in return for an action. The ONSON has been known to provide dogs hours and hours of entertainment.

2. Outdoor Fun With the Chuckit Ball

This is yet another interactive toy, and is especially useful for dog breeds known for their abundant energy. Chuck those old softballs and chewed up tennis balls away with the Chuckit Ball, which is the last throw toy you’ll ever need when playing with Fido. It’s aerodynamic, which makes for easy launching for you, and the brightly covered foam/canvas comportment makes it easy to locate for all parties involved. Early reports from dog owners are that their pups absolutely cannot get enough of the Chuckit Ball.

3. You Can’t Go Wrong With a Chew Toy

The KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy is the virtually indestructible chew toy with a lot of give  making it perfect for your pup with the oral fixation. The tire shape makes it ideal for games of tug of war between dog and owner, without worrying that the thing might break. It has shown to be resilient even in the jaws of some serious biters, and only wolf breeds (why do you even have one of those!?!) have been able to damage the toy. The KONG Tires works especially well when paired with a throwing ball toy  to make sure your dog expends all of its energy and loses the urge to dig up your backyard.  Also click for more information on great food options.

4. Dress Up Your Pup

Obviously, there are some owners who take this a little bit too far but hey, who are we to judge? The Lanyar Holiday Sweater for dogs looks wonderful, and helps keep that treasured member of the family warm on the coldest nights. This particular brand of sweater definitely has a Christmas feel to it, with the awesome red and white print design that smacks of holiday spirit. Don’t be modest; why not show off your pup on this year’s holiday vacation?

In a similar vein, the AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Collar is a luxurious piece of apparel that won’t come close to breaking the bank. Let everyone know your pup, most of all that she is loved and has a family, should she get lost. It has a really high-quality appearance that is unmistakable, and the sizes can accommodate every single breed even the Great Dane and Saint Bernard.

5. The Furbo Dog Cam

Do you have a hard time leaving your pup home alone? Chances are, she has a hard time being left home alone but the Furbo Dog Camera can help assuage those temporary feelings of loneliness until you return. Remember; dogs see things on a shorter time scale than humans, and your 8 hours at work can feel like 2 days to her. The two-way camera is full HD and allows your dog to check in on you at work to help assuage her feelings of anxiety. Perhaps the best thing about the Furbo is its secondary function as a treat dispenser; you can command it from miles and miles away to release a treat to your dog after seeing how she’s doing. Pretty nifty, eh?

6. A Personalized Bowl for a Member of the Family

The Loges and Lily Personalized Dog Bowl is one of those ingenious ETSY creations that has really taken off. Get your pup’s name inscribed on it in fancy lettering, and before you know it, it will be the only bowl she wants to use to receive her daily meals. Much of the bowl is customizable, so you can order the size you want, the font and even the construction material (to an extent). The finish, if we do say, is lovely to behold and befits a member of the family.



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