What should you look for when buying bed sheets?


While buying a bedsheet we usually do not think much. We mainly look for the colors that will suit the wall paint of the bedroom so that it can easily attract everyone’s attention. We all are quite passionate when we decorate our room. But do you know that choosing a color complexion or choosing a design is not enough? Few people also have blind faith in some renowned brands. They just check the tags of the brand and pay a high price while buying the bed sheet but after coming back home you may face the quality issue. Feeling tense? Don’t worry; here are five easy tips that will help you to get your quality bed sheets. It will not only enhance the look of your bedroom but also will help you to get your desired quality product. So, let’s have a look! View here to learn more about mulberry silk sheets.

  • Check the fiber content: 100% cotton is the best option that you can always go for while buying a bed sheet because it gives you a very soft and comfortable feeling. Moreover, it is quite cheap compared to its quality. But, do not blindly believe in the brands and tags that say 100% cotton. You should check the quality of the fabric. There are some bed sheets available in the market that have a big tag in its packaging that says 100% cotton but if you check the quality you can get a feel of synthetic material as it mixes a polyester blend. So, be careful, do not judge the product by its inexpensive price, brand, and tags. You can also go for Extra-Long Staple cotton because it is softer and durable as well.   Bamboo sheets are another popular option that you can try.
  • Check the threads: In the case of most of the brands, you can see that they use high thread count but it doesn’t really enhance the quality. Excessive thread count doesn’t always denote better quality. It may happen because of the poor manufacturing process too. Usually, 200-300 thread count bed sheets are good in quality. They are softer, comfy and durable.
  • Know the differences of weaves: Checking out the weaves is really important when you buy a bedsheet. You may either have a percale or sateen. Percale is the basic fabric that possesses grid-like weaves with a very crisp and light feeling whereas sateen gives a silky and smooth appearance. It completely depends upon your preference and comfort.
  • Check the proper size: Just like the fabric quality, getting a perfect size of a bedsheet is also a great concern. Especially for cotton fabrics after 1 or 2 times of wash, the threads get shrunk which affects the size. Usually, the 15-inch mattresses have been found better and are considered as the standard size. Do not rely on tags like king size, queen size or any such words written on the top of the cover.
  • Must check the return policy: Until you usethe bed sheet you can’t get sure whether you will love sleeping on it or not. Without using the bed sheet you cannot actually assume whether it will be comfortable or not. So. Before you buy the bed sheet either from offline or online, you must check the return policy so that your money doesn’t go waste.

So, don’t compromise with the quality of the bedsheets and do not waste your time and money by buying the low-grade sheets for the bed,that are sold in the market with high brand recognition. No matter how renowned the brand is or what is written in the product description box or told to you by the seller, check these above key aspects every time while buying a new bed sheet and enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

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