What Should My Builder Be Doing During The Pre-Construction Phase?


Builders play a critical role in helping homeowners materialize their dreams. Whether you’re planning to construct or renovate your home, you need to prioritize working with the right builder. This ensures the job is kept on schedule and quality results are achieved. If you’re looking for a trusted construction service, you can check out Mentor Homes Eavestrough and Siding.

Pre-Construction Phase

Construction and renovation projects are resource-intensive. And these projects are broken down into phases. The pre-construction phase entails the events that take place before construction begins. This is generally the period between when a project is birthed and when construction commences. Builders ensure the following during this stage:

1. Design

Every homeowner has an idea of what they want to see when the construction is over. They can buy a custom design and have adjustments performed, or they can hire a professional to design the entire thing. Builders play a critical role in ensuring the project is well-designed. Quality design ensures that every detail is taken into account. This is a collaborative task and builders might need to work with other professionals to ensure quality results.

2. Cost Estimates

One of the challenges that homeowners experience is catering to unbudgeted expenses. And this is an indication of poor cost estimation from the start. Builders have the responsibility of tabulating all expenses and coming up with a ballpark figure of the project costs. This grants the homeowner security and aids their decision-making.

3. Legal Requirements

There are various legal obligations that builders and homeowners are required to meet before their project can start. Builders need a permit. They submit the construction plan to authorities, detailing every aspect of the project, and the authorities review everything before issuing a permit. Both homeowners and builders should comply with the law.

4. Procurement

This is the stage where the materials that are needed for the construction project, such as quality aggregate products, are ordered and assembled.  It needs to be thorough to avoid issues like surplus or scarcity. Experienced builders typically leverage their networks and ensure that they receive quality materials at the best price, which is relieving.

5. Gathering a Quality Team

Construction projects can take weeks or months to complete. Without the right team, the project cannot be completed within the estimated time. And so, the builder needs to gather a team of contractors and other professionals that can collaborate and ensure that the project stays on track.

6. Ensuring Everyone Understands the Mission

The team shouldn’t be disjointed with everyone doing things in their style. Everybody needs to perform in a way that aligns with the mission of the project. But then it is the responsibility of the builder to make sure that everyone comprehends the mission.

7. Strategy and Program

This is basically how the project is going to be executed. It details various roles for every party and how they are supposed to perform their job. All parties need to stick to the strategy and program to ensure that the construction project is completed within the estimated time.

Why Builders Are Critical

Builders control diverse contractors, workers, and products to ensure that the goals of the construction project are achieved. Builders have varied skills that ensure cost-effectiveness.

They ensure the project stays on track: various factors can affect the timeline of the project’s completion. Builders notice such events and make various decisions to offset lateness. They manage the entire team to ensure the project stays on track and is completed within the expected time.

They ensure quality work: builders are familiar with all angles of construction projects. And so, they don’t accept low-quality work from contractors or workers who might lack motivation. They can judge whether someone is doing a good or a bad job and this ensures that quality isn’t compromised.

Anticipating and solving problems: challenges can come from all corners, and they can be internal or external. But builders offer leadership and provide solutions. By resolving issues quickly, they make sure the project doesn’t stall, as everybody carries on with their job. When a builder anticipates a problem, they can make pre-emptive decisions, thus avoiding trouble.

Achieving goals: builders typically break down their goals. They have a set of things they must accomplish on a daily or weekly basis, and this makes it easy to achieve the end goal. Builders manage different people and they ensure that these people perform their work in a way that aligns with the goals of the project. Ultimately, this enables the homeowner to get their dream house.

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